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Ballarat Badminton Association Inc.

Victoria, Australia

Current Events

  • 28MAY96: This weekend we are holding the Ballarat Open with entries from many of the Australian Badminton team going to Atlanta. Two of the Australiam team members, Peter Blackburn and Murray Hocking are Ballarat players and we wish them every success at Atlanta.


    We have an 18 court badminton specific stadium and run competition badminton for juniors, ladies, seniors and veteran players (over 40).

    Ballarat is a large regional city (85,000) approx 70 miles from Melbourne, the capital of the State of Victoria.


    We have an intensive training program for our junior players and are hopeful of having badminton representatives / medal winners at the Sydney Olympics in the year 2000.

    Contact Information

    If you would like to know more about badminton in Ballarat please contact me :
    Christine Walker
    Ballarat Badminton Association Inc.

    The information here is as presented by Christine Walker on behalf of BBA.