Badminton Collectibles

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To see some wonderful badminton/battledore paraphernalia visit the Racket Heritage Museum.
If you are surfing through a badminton web page, you must be a die-hard badminton enthusiast. While most of us love to play the game, others also enjoy collecting badminton related collectibles. We might have been influenced by our first wood shafted racket or an old tube of shuttlecocks.

Whatever your area of interest, we would like to hear from you regarding the formation of a trading/collecting group. Anyone interested in rackets, shuttlecocks, games, prints, books, stamps, programs, photos, paintings, autographs, and related items are encouraged to e-mail or call the group facilitator. It is anticipated that a future chat-line, trading-line and related sites can be formed by those interested individuals, especially individuals from outside the United States.

Anyone interested in getting involved can contact Gil Fried at  . Please specify several means which can be used to reach you and your collecting interests.

Contributed by Gil Fried. Last Revision: 02JAN2002