Hi Everyone

This message is going out to all my badminton contacts - there's a huge contact list that's hidden. Please help spread the word.

The bad news is that NBC is not planning on televising ANY badminton either on the main network or on CNBC. I've just been contacted by Gordon Strause ( gordon@corp.ecircles.com ) - he has been charged with setting up a badminton forum at NBC's website. Unfortunately, word has been slow to get out so the forum isn't too active. If we can make this forum a lot more active, we can at least hope that NBC will notice. Post on ANYTHING. Cheer on all the Canadians and the lone American that have qualified (sorry to my friends in the US on this email list!)

To get to the forum, go to http://www.nbcolympics.com   . You then have to click the "community" link on the left hand navigation, and then click into the badminton forum. To post, you actually have to register.

To get there directly, you might try just clicking on http://forums.nbcolympics.com/nbcolympics?sid=_ffTaig9&mpage=1&fpage=1&t=for um/index&s=quokka&root=271

David Wong

Contributed by David Wong ( wongdk@mcmaster.ca ) 17JUL2000