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29 November 2001








Dear All,

5x7 experiment – some views so far and the average match lengths

Now that players and officials have had a few months experimenting using 5x7, I felt it would be a good time to hear what people have to say.  During the Dutch and Danish Opens and the recent Thomas & Uber Cup in Cuba, I gathered some feedback and thoughts about the experiment so far. 

The views are not a scientifically selected sample and are clearly not worldwide, but they give a good spread of nationalities and I hope that you will find it interesting reading.  I also apologise if I have misquoted anyone in any way. 

We continue to receive questionnaires from tournaments and if you have any points you wish to raise, and you haven’t done so already, I would ask you to complete the questionnaire that is attached. 

I am also attaching information that has been gathered on the average match lengths from the World Grand Prix tournaments that have experimented with 5x7 so far this year. 

We will from time to time continue to send you information on how the experiment is going and will produce a full report before the AGM in May 2002 so that our Members can take as informed a decision as possible.

 Kind regards

Director of Events


Comments are written in no particular order, just the order in which they were taken at each event.

Tim He – Hong Kong coach 


Kwan Yoke Meng – Malaysian coach 


Dan Travers – Scottish coach 


Steen Pedersen – Denmark coach 


Gopichand – India player 


Andreij Pohar – Slovenia player 


Maja Pohar – Slovenia player 


Jesper Larsen – Denmark player 


Ray Stevens – England coach 


Heryanto Arbi – Indonesia player 


Asger Madsen – Germany Coach/Team Manager 

·        If need to attract new audience then to 7 points is more exciting

·        Should not have setting as it makes it complicated.  It is even more exciting without setting

·        Too short in doubles

·        Prioritise the events to what you can market


Keith Hawthorne – Referee 


Bao Tong – China Team Manager 


Jan Jorgensen – Denmark Coach 


Finn Traerup-Hansen – England TeamManager 


Peter Gade – Denmark player 


Gunther Huber - Canada  Coach 

·        Playing to 7 in singles is good, especially for ladies singles and the women in the Canadian team agree

·        This system of course brings about many changes for the coaches as they have to approach it properly and players have to change their attitude because it introduces a game of “speed consistency” and risk management

·        Would like to see further experimentation in doubles either to 9 points or one serve because at the moment you have a big advantage with 2 serves in the doubles

·        The receiver is under more pressure

·        Feels to change back to 3x15 would be a step backwards because it proved not to be attractive in certain events such as women’s doubles

·        The nature of sports are changing and we need to change to attract young people and new spectator audiences, we can only do this by giving them an attractive package and the scoring system is key to that package

·        5x7 should be the high-performance scoring system used for the elite players, but at the national level they could still play to 3x15 if they want to.  It is similar to formula one; people love to watch it on TV, but they don’t drive round in a formula one car!

·        For me this change is an exciting new step in coaching and a new challenge to train players how to think differently

·        My players like 5x7: it has moved up a level/gear of intensity, physical, mental and emotional demands,


Roy Paul - Jamaica player 

·        Likes it, but thinks it is a little too short

·        Would prefer to play to 9 points

·        90 seconds between each match is too long, would prefer 40 or 60 seconds


Ryan Holder - Barbados player 

·        5x7 has raised the intensity of the game making it a lot more exciting

·        Barbados players have been playing to 9 points anyway so it is less of a transition for us

·        You can play more games in a day which is an advantage


Joy Kitzmiller - USA Team Manager and player 

·        Likes the fact that the ladies singles plays to the same points as the other events

·        Gives lesser teams a chance to win as anything can happen

·        Also likes 3x9 points


Shannon Hsu - USA player 

·        Likes it as it is far more intense

·        Prefers 5x7 to 3x15 especially in the ladies doubles


Federico Valdez - Panamerican Badminton Confederation President 

·        Felt that we had to change from 3x15, but is not yet sure if 5x7 is the right solution

·        Likes the singles, but is concerned that the doubles is perhaps too short


Marina Perez - Ladies National Coach Cuba 

·        Likes 5x7 as it is more dynamic and faster which makes it more interesting to watch

·        Players need to be focused, but the players like it very much


Kevin Han – USA player 


Zhou You – Italy player/coach 


Diana Koleva – Bulgaria coach 


Average Match Lengths

We have taken the data from the round of the last 16 onwards in each of the World Grand Prix tournaments since the experiment started and the average match lengths follow.  What is quite interesting is that we are starting to see a steady increase, which may imply that players are starting to feel more comfortable with the 5x7 scoring:



The graph below shows the average match lengths of each event from the round of the last 16 onwards at the World Grand Prix events since the start of the experiment:

Although the comments we have received suggest that a majority of people think that the doubles is too short, the above average shows that it is in fact the third longest event.  Men’s singles being the longest, followed by ladies’ singles, men’s doubles, mixed doubles and finally ladies’ doubles.


Breakdowns of averages at the World Grand Prix events since the experiment started:




Note: Mixed doubles data was not available at the time of producing the graph