by Mike Grossman (from a report filed by YANG YANG BAdminton Equipment)

October 27, 1996 (New Shuttlenws) - Rashid Sidek of Malaysia today defeated compatriot and training partner Ong Ewe Hock in the men's singles finals of the badminton German Open in Saarbrucken to claim his first ever major title outside of Malaysia.

Sidek and Ong put on a competitive match in the the first game with Sidek winning 15-11. In the second, Sidek played harder and made good use of his knowledge of his training partner's weaknesses to clinch the match at 15-2.

Sidek and Ong both belong to the Nusa Mahsuri professional badminton group in Malaysia and are coached by MIsbun Sidek, Rashid's older brother.

Sidek has had a reputation for being a great player only when he plays at home and for being a good player when he plays elsewhere. His victory at the German Open as well as his finals appearances earlier this year at the All-England championships and the Atlanta Olympics will put an end to that reputation.

In the women's singles finals, the surprising Yao Jie of China was much too skilled and quick for Margit Borg of Sweden as she easily beat the Swedish player 11-1 and 11-0.

Indonesians Denyana Lomban and Indarti Isoliana and Dutch players Eline Coene and Erican van den Heuvel staged a thrilling women's doubles finals match.

The two teams battled through two games that both went to 5-point settings or overtime. In both games, the Indonesians squeaked past Coene and van den Heuvel to win the championship purse.

The women's doubles final score: 18-15 and 18-13.

In the men's doubles championship match, Thomas Lund and Jon Holst- Christensen of Denmark play Indonesians Victo Wibowo and Seng Kok Keong.

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