by Mike Grossman

January 3, 1997 (New Shuttlenws) - Players from badminton powerhouse Indonesia are the best in the world in 1996 in all five badminton events according to the yearend world rankings issued today by the International Badminton Federation.

In men's singles, Joko Suprianto tops the rankings followed by Olympic silver medalist Dong Jiong of China and bronze medalist Rashid Sidek of Malaysia. Olympic gold medalist Poul-Erik Hoyer-Larsen of Denmark, Europe's best, is at number 5 behind the 1996 World Grand Prix Finals champion Fung Permadi of Chinese-Taipei. World champion Heryanto Arbi, beset by injury in the latter part of 1996, is out of the top ten at number 15.

Pan-America's best is Iain Sydie of Canada at number 43. Murray Hocking of Australia is Oceania's top men's singles player at 96, while Eddy Clarisse of Mauritius takes African honors at 238. Top USA player in the event is Kevin Han at 65.

In women's singles, Olympic silver medalist Mia Audina leads the rankings. Bronze medalist Susi Susanti, also of Indonesia, is at number 2 followed by the suprising Chinese newcomer Gong Zhichao. World champion Ye Zhaoying of China is at number 5, while Olympic champion Bang Soo Hyun of Korea, now retired, is at number 13.

Europe's best in women's singles is Camilla Martin of Denmark at number 6, while Denyse Julien is tops in the Pan-Americas at 36. Lisa Campbell of Australia leads Oceania at 65 and Martine de Souza of Mauritius is the top African women's singles player at 213. The USA's best is Kathy Zimmerman at 158.

In the men's doubles rankings, the Olympic medalists sit in 1-2-3 order: gold medalists Ricky Subagja and Rexy Mainaky of Indonesia, silver medalists Cheah Soon Kit and Yap Kim Hock of Malaysia, and bronze medalists Denny Kantono and Antonius Iriantho of Indonesia. (Subagja and Mainaky are also the world champions).

Jon Holst-Christensen and Thomas Lund of Denmark are the best European men's doubles pair at number 7 with the surprising Russians Andrej Antropov and Nikolaj Zuev closely behind at 9.

Peter Blackburn and Paul Staight of Australia lead the entries from Oceania at 57.

Bryan Moody and Mike Beres of Canada have sneaked past Pan-American and Canadian champions Anil Kaul and Iain Sydie to claim the yearend honors for Pan-America in men's doubles. Moody and Beres are at number 62 while the retired Kaul and partner Sydie are at 63.

Mauritians Eddy Clarisse and Stephane Beeharry are the African federation's best in men's doubles at 122. Mark Manha and Kevin Han are the highest-rated pair from the USA at 107.

In the women's doubles, Eliza and Rosiana Zelin are in first place followed by compatriots Indarti Isoliana and Denyana Lomban. Olympic gold medalists Ge Fei and Gu Jun of China are in third, while silver medalists (and world champions) Gil Young Ah and Jang Hye Ock of Korea, who have not played competitively since the Olympic finals in August, are in 14. The bronze medalists Qin Yiyuan and Tang Yongshu of China are in fourth place.

European women's doubles pairs hold down the other top ten spots with Lisbet Stuer-Lauridsen and Marlene Thomsen of Denmark at number 5, compatriots Helene Kirkegaard and Rikke Olsen (6), Swedes Christine Gandrup and Marina Andrievskaya (7), Englishwomen Julie Bradbury and Joanne Goode (8), Danes Lotte Olsen and Ann Jorgensen (9), and the suprising Dutch pair of Eline Coene and Erica van den Heuvel (10).

Elma and Moira Ong of Canada are Pan-America's best-ranked women's doubles pair at 28. Rhonda Robertson and Tammy Jenkins of New Zealans are the top duo from Oceania at 30, while Martine de Souza and Marie-Josephe Jean-Pierre of Mauritius are the standard-bearers for Africa at 122.

Olympians Linda French and Erica von Heiland are the USA's best at 70.

In mixed doubles, Tri Kusheryanto and Minarti Timur top the yearend list followed by the World Grand Prix Finals champions Michael Sogaard and Rikke Olsen of Denmark.

The Olympic gold medalists Kim Dong Moon and Gil Young Ah of Korea are at number 15. Silver medalists Park Joo Bong and Ra Kyung Min, also of Korea, are in 6th place while bronze medalists Liu Jianjun and Sun Man of China are at number 22. None of these 3 pairs have competed since the Atlanta Olympics. Park has returned to retirement as a player. Gil and Jang are tending to their studies and Sun Man has retired.

World champions Thomas Lund and Marlene Thomsen of Denmark who have not competed at all in mixed doubles in 1996 are no longer ranked.

Pan-America's best pair in mixed is the Canadian duo of Darryl Yung and Denyse Julien at number 24. Peter Blackburn and Rhonda Cator of Australia hold down the top Oceania spot at 25, while Kayode Akinsanya and Obigeli Olorunsola of Nigeria, sitting at number 111, have broken through the Mauritians' stranglehold on the top African placings.

Tops for the USA in mixed are Mike Edstrom and Andrea Andersson at 177.

Following are the top 25 players or pairs in each of the five badminton events:

Men's Singles
  Rank Surname          First Name     Country           Points
     1 SUPRIANTO        Joko           Indonesia         333.63
     2 DONG             Jiong          China             293.41
     3 SIDEK            Rashid         Malaysia          292.47
     4 PERMADI          Fung           Chinese-Taipei    288.88
     5 HOYER-LARSEN     Poul-Erik      Denmark           284.68
     6 SUN              Jun            China             275.88
     7 ONG              Ewe Hock       Malaysia          265.96
     8 BUDI KUSUMA      Allan          Indonesia         258.68
     9 WIJAYA           Indra          Indonesia         251.53
    10 STUER-LAURIDSEN  Thomas         Denmark           222.45
    11 SANTOSO          Budi           Indonesia         218.38
    12 CHEN             Gang           China             215.33
    13 ROSOBIN          Jeffer         Indonesia         207.36
    14 SUSANTO          Hermawan       Indonesia         193.28
    15 ARBI             Heryanto       Indonesia         177.92
    16 GADE CHRISTENSEN Peter          Denmark           173.13
    17 HU               Zhilan         China             172.26
    18 KIM              Hak Kyun       Korea             172.07
    19 PARK             Sung Woo       Korea             170.06
    20 LEE              Kwang Jin      Korea             165.87
    21 SALIM                           Indonesia         162.89
    22 LUO              Yigang         China             158.21
    23 LIN              Liwen          China             156.82
    24 NIELSEN          Soren B        Denmark           156.31
    25 ARYANTO          Dwi            Indonesia         153.75

Women's Singles
  Rank Surname          First Name     Country           Points
     1 AUDINA           Mia            Indonesia         344.59
     2 SUSANTI          Susi           Indonesia         335.27
     3 GONG             Zhichao        China             304.85
     4 WANG             Chen           China             284.45
     5 YE               Zhaoying       China             282.04
     6 MARTIN           Camilla        Denmark           270.82
     7 ZHANG            Ning           China             247.00
     8 ZENG             Yaqiong        China             246.08
     9 KIM              Ji Hyun        Korea             237.73
    10 HAN              Jingna         China             234.11
    11 YAO              Yan            China             233.67
    12 MEILUAWATI                      Indonesia         227.60
    13 BANG             Soo Hyun       Korea             197.75
    14 SANTOSO          Yuliani        Indonesia         187.56
    15 DJAELAWIDJAYA    Lidya          Indonesia         176.34
    16 RA               Kyung Min      Korea             171.97
    17 GANDRUP          Christine      Sweden            165.35
    18 SUN              Jian           China             164.21
    19 SONDERGAARD      Anne           Denmark           163.39
    20 BORG             Margit         Sweden            157.88
    21 PEDERSEN         Mette          Denmark           157.43
    22 MIZUI            Hisako         Japan             157.39
    23 YAO              Jie            China             150.94
    24 KARTIKA          Yuni           Indonesia         150.56
    25 ANDRIEVSKAYA     Marina         Sweden            150.31

Men's Doubles
  Rank Surname          First Name     Country           Points
    1  SUBAGJA          Ricky          Indonesia         365.31
       MAINAKY          Rexy           Indonesia
    2  CHEAH            Soon Kit       Malaysia          347.44
       YAP              Kim Hock       Malaysia
    3  KANTONO          Denny          Indonesia         335.03
       IRIANTHO         Antonius       Indonesia
    4  WIJAYA           Chandra        Indonesia         303.76
       BUDIARTO         Sigit          Indonesia
    5  GUNAWAN          Tony           Indonesia         265.02
       WIJAYA           Rudy           Indonesia
    6  LIU              Yong           China             252.68
       ZHANG            Wei            China
    7  HOLST-CHRISTENSEN Jon           Denmark           244.95
       LUND             Thomas         Denmark
    8  KANG             Kyung Jin      Korea             238.23
       HA               Tae Kwon       Korea
    9  ANTROPOV         Andreij        Russia            234.05
       ZUEV             Nikolaj        Russia
   10  TAO              Xiaoqiang      China             212.14
       GE               Cheng          China
   11  HUNT             Chris          England           206.08
       ARCHER           Simon D.       England
   12  CHOONG           Tan Fook       Malaysia          197.50
       LEE              Wan Wah        Malaysia
   13  AXELSSON         Peter          Sweden            188.85
       JONSSON          Par-Gunnar     Sweden
   14  SOGAARD          Michael        Denmark           187.50
       SVARRER          Henrik         Denmark
   15  HUANG            Zhanzhong      China             187.46
       JIANG            Xin            China
   16  SENG             Kok Kiong      Indonesia         178.07
       WIBOWO           Victo          Indonesia
   17  HERMONO                         Indonesia         165.83
       HIAN             Eng            Indonesia
   18  SOO              Beng Kiang     Malaysia          160.93
       TAN              Kim Her        Malaysia
   19  DAVIS            Efrain         Indonesia         156.60
       HALIM                           Indonesia
   20  YOO              Yong Sung      Korea             155.27
       KIM              Dong Moon      Korea
   21  SIRIPOOL         Siripong       Thailand          152.14
       SUDHISODHI       Khunakorn      Thailand
   22  LAUGESEN         Jim            Denmark           148.99
       STAVNGAARD       Thomas         Denmark
   23  RAZAK            Rosman A.      Malaysia          147.33
       CHEW             Choon Eng      Malaysia
   24  JAKOBSEN         Christian      Denmark           147.32
       ERIKSEN          Jens           Denmark
   25  RAZAK            Aras           Indonesia         146.91
       SUGIANTO         Hadi           Indonesia

Women's Doubles
  Rank Surname          First Name     Country           Points
    1  ELIZA                           Indonesia         346.18
       ZELIN            Rosiana        Indonesia
    2  ISOLIANA         Indarti        Indonesia         318.67
       LOMBAN           Denyana        Indonesia
    3  GE               Fei            China             318.49
       GU               Jun            China
    4  QIN              Yiyuan         China             302.49
       TANG             Yongshu        China
    5  STUER-LAURIDSEN  Lisbet         Denmark           302.09
       THOMSEN          Marlene        Denmark
    6  KIRKEGAARD       Helene         Denmark           265.38
       OLSEN            Rikke          Denmark
    7  GANDRUP          Christine      Sweden            222.19
       ANDRIEVSKAYA     Marina         Sweden
    8  BRADBURY         Julie J.       England           202.71
       GOODE            Joanne G.      England
    9  OLSEN            Lotte          Denmark           200.55
       JORGENSEN        Ann            Denmark
   10  COENE            Eline          Netherlands       197.37
       van den HEUVEL   Erica          Netherlands
   11  PENG             Xingyong       China             193.00
       ZHANG            Jin            China
   12  MATSUO           Tomomi         Japan             180.49
       SAKAMOTO         Masako         Japan
   13  KIM              Mee Hyang      Korea             177.08
       KIM              Shin Young     Korea
   14  GIL              Young Ah       Korea             169.00
       JANG             Hye Ock        Korea
   15  MUGGERIDGE       Joanne         England           161.80
       MORGAN           Kelly          Wales
   16  BECK             Nicola L.      England           159.59
       DAVIES           Joanne         England
   17  TUNG             Chau Man       Hong Kong         149.83
       NG               Ching          Hong Kong
   18  JORGENSEN        Ann            Denmark           148.35
       VANGE            Majken         Denmark
   19  BENGTSSON        Maria          Sweden            143.91
       BORG             Margit         Sweden
   20  PARK             Soo Yun        Korea             139.54
       CHUNG            Jae Hee        Korea
   21  van HOOREN       Nicole         Netherlands       135.55
       CONIJN           Brenda         Netherlands
   22  KOLEVA           Diana          Bulgaria          131.27
       NEDJALKOVA       Neli           Bulgaria
   23  SCHMIDT          Katrin         Germany           128.13
       UBBEN            Kerstin        Germany
   24  CHEN             Ying           China             125.93
       PENG             Xingyong       China
   25  TAMPI            Lili           Indonesia         119.36
       FINARSIH                        Indonesia

Mixed Doubles
  Rank Surname          First Name     Country           Points
    1  KUSHERYANTO      Tri            Indonesia         351.47
       TIMUR            Minarti        Indonesia
    2  SOGAARD          Michael        Denmark           309.25
       OLSEN            Rikke          Denmark
    3  FLANDY           Nimpele        Indonesia         272.07
       RISEU            Rosalina       Indonesia
    4  CHEN             Xingdong       China             243.12
       PENG             Xingyong       China
    5  STAVNGAARD       Thomas         Denmark           223.18
       JORGENSEN        Ann            Denmark
    6  PARK             Joo Bong       Korea             221.48
       RA               Kyung Min      Korea
    7  HUNT             Chris          England           216.56
       KIRKEGAARD       Helene         Denmark
    8  PONTING          Nick           England           214.81
       GOODE            Joanne G.      England
    9  AXELSSON         Peter          Sweden            212.57
       BENGTSSON        Catrine        Sweden
   10  ARCHER           Simon D.       England           207.60
       BRADBURY         Julie J.       England
   11  ANTONSSON        Jan-Eric       Sweden            198.46
       CRABO            Astrid         Sweden
   12  HA               Tae Kwon       Korea             190.52
       KIM              Shin Young     Korea
   13  TOHARI           Imam           Indonesia         162.08
       ERMAWATI         Ema            Indonesia
   14  LARSEN           Jesper         Denmark           141.96
       VANGE            Majken         Denmark
   15  KIM              Dong Moon      Korea             141.60
       GIL              Young Ah       Korea
   16  KANG             Kyung Jin      Korea             136.97
       KIM              Mee Hyang      Korea
   17  ERIKSEN          Jens           Denmark           133.88
       THOMSEN          Marlene        Denmark
   18  ZUEV             Nikolaj        Russia            128.04
       YAKUSHEVA        Marina         Russia
   19  LEE              Dong Soo       Korea             123.66
       PARK             Soo Yun        Korea
   20  MICHELS          Ron            Netherlands       115.41
       van den HEUVEL   Erica          Netherlands
   21  STOJANOV         Svetoslav      Bulgaria          107.49
       KOLEVA           Diana          Bulgaria
   22  LIU              Jianjun        China             102.32
       SUN              Man            China
   23  DUBRULLE         Manuel         France             95.50
       LEFEVRE          Sandrine       France
   24  YUNG             Darryl         Canada             87.19
       JULIEN           Denyse         Canada
   25  BLACKBURN        Peter          Australia          86.85
       CATOR            Rhonda         Australia