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March 12, 1997 (NEW SHUTTLENWS) - Men's singles seeded players Thomas Stuer-Lauridsen and Peter Gade-Christensen, both of Denmark, were both shown to the exit door by their Chinese opponents during yesterday's first round action at the All-England Open badminton tournament in Birmingham.

Stuer, seeded 5-8, lost to Luo Yigang 15-11 and 15-11 while Gade, seeded 9-16, was defeated by Lin Liwen 15-9, 6-15 and 18-13.

In a battle of Olympic silver medalists, Ardy Wiranata of Indonesia, the 1992 medalist and winner of last week's Swedish Open, did not survive his first round encounter with the 1996 medalist Dong Jiong of China. Dong, a 9-16 seed here, beat Wiranata 15-9 and 18-15.

The 1996 Olympic gold medalist, Poul-Erik Hoyer-Larsen of Denmark, beat Gerben Bruystens of the Netherlands with some ease 15-8 and 15-2. Hoyer who is the defending champion in men's singles is seeded number one.

Number 2 seed Rashid Sidek of Malaysia, Hoyer-Larsen's finals opponent last year, also came thru to the second round by defeating Soren Nielsen of Denmark 15-4 and 15-10.

In the Stuer-Luo match, the Chinese player showed great court coverage and an excellent defense as he continually turned back the steep attacking shots of his tall Danish opponent. Stuer tried to rally with the mobile Luo but could never get past the patient and steady play of Luo.

In the second game, with Luo ahead 13-11, Stuer increased the pace. He unloaded a smash which Luo blocked back to the net. Stuer, who had followed his smash in, lunged for a rally-ending backhanded kill shot, but Luo again blocked it back. Stuer was caught out-of-position and was unable to reach Luo's return.

In the next rally, it was Luo who this time went on the attack. He unloaded a sudden smash to Stuer's body. The tall Dane could not block the shot successfully and Luo scored the match-winning point.

In the Gade-Lin match, it was Lin who started out well, winning the first game at 15-9. Gade came back in the second with steadier play to take it at 15-6. Gade maintained his excellent play early in the third as he zoomed to a 7-1 lead, but Lin patiently made his way back as Gade seemed to tire and lose his touch.

The two battled to a 13-all tie. In the five-point setting, neither player could score a point for about 6 exchanges of serve.

It was Lin who got going first and scored. Gade then went on the attack but Lin was able to frustrate Gade's efforts and managed to draw several unforced errors from the young Dane to close out the match at 18-13.

In the Dong-Wiranata affair, Dong was superior in the first game, winning at 15-9. Wiranata exerted himself more in the second game and kept pace with the Chinese player and took him to setting at 13-all.

Wiranata got ahead of Dong in the tiebreak 15-14 but Dong then outplayed him and scored the next 4 points to win at 18-15.

Some of the results from yesterday's matches follow (The number in parentheses before the player's name indicates the seeding):

Men's Singles
First Round
Pang Chen (Malaysia) beat Jim Laugesen (Denmark) 15-11 15-12
Thomas Sogaard (Denmark) beat Yuzo Kubota (Japan) 15-5 8-15 15-10
Martin Lundgaard Hansen (Denmark) beat R Nock (England) 15-5 15-13
(3/4) Joko Suprianto (Indonesia) beat Ji Xinpeng (China) 15-4 15-10
Peter Rasmussen (Denmark) beat Deepanker Bhattacharjee (India) 15-5 15-8
Colin Haughton (England) beat Mike Beres (Canada) 15-1 15-5
(5/8) Ong Ewe Hock (Malaysia) beat Fumihiko Machida (Japan) 15-4 15-1
(9/16) Dong Jiong (China) beat Ardi B Wiranata (Indonesia) 15-9 18-15
Yong Hock Kin (Malaysia) beat Dicky Palyama (Netherlands) 15-6 15-5
Lin Liwen (China) beat (9/16) Peter Gade Christensen (Denmark) 15-9 6-15 18-13
(5/8) Indra Wijaya (Indonesia) beat Geraint Lewis (Wales) 15-12 15-4
Anders Boesen (Denmark) beat Yang Zhuo (China) 15-12 15-8
Vladislav Druzhchenko (Ukraine) beat Chris Bruil (Netherlands) 12-15 15-9 17-15
Jens Olsson (Sweden) beat Shinji Ohta (Japan) 15-7 15-4
Luo Yigang (China) beat (5/8) Thomas Stuer-Lauridsen (Denmark) 15-11 15-11
Mark Constable (England) beat Mikhail Korshuk (Belarus) 15-5 15-4
Iain Sydie (Canada) beat Anders Jensen (Denmark) 15-6 15-3
(2) Rashid Sidek (Malaysia) beat Soren B Nielsen (Denmark) 15-4 15-10
(1) Poul Erik Hoyer (Denmark) beat Gerben Huystens (Netherlands) 15-8, 15-2
(9/16) Heryanto Arbi (Indonesia) beat Han Dong Sung (Korea) 14-17 15-5 15-4

Women's Singles
First Round
Dai Yun (China) beat Elma Ong (Canada) 11-1 11-0
Choi Ma-Ree (Korea) beat Pernille Harder (Denmark) 11-3 11-4
Pornsawan Plungwech (Thailand) beat Sandra Dimbour (France) 11-1 11-5
Jo Muggeridge (England) beat Marika Nakayama (Japan) 11-8 11-6
Kanako Yonekura (Japan) beat Judith Meulendijks (Netherlands) 11-7 11-6
Yao Yan (China) beat Denyse Julien (Canada) 11-1 11-6
Mette Sorensen (Denmark) beat Gillian Martin (Scotland) 11-6 11-1
Ra Kyung-Min (Korea) beat Brenda Beenhakker (Netherlands) 11-9 11-1
Kelly Morgan (Wales) beat Julia Mann (England) 11-6 11-3
Park Jin-Hyun (Korea) beat Anne Gibson (Scotland) 11-1 11-9
Jaw Hua-Ching (Taipei) beat Charmaine Reid (Canada) 12-10 11-12 11-3
Takako Ida (Japan) beat Ella Karachkova (Russia) 11-5 11-5
Lee Joo-Hyun (Korea) beat Mette Pedersen (Denmark) 11-9 11-3