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May 30, 1997 (NEW SHUTTLENWS) - Olympic champion Poul-Erik Hoyer-Larsen of Denmark and defending world champion Heryanto Arbi of Indonesia survived three-game struggles in today's men's singles quarterfinal matches at the badminton world championships in Glasgow, Scotland.

Hoyer, seeded second here, fell behind in his match with the 1993 world champion, Joko Suprianto of Indonesia. Hoyer lost the first game 10-15 but found his touch and accuracy in the second and third to come out triumphant at 15-9 and 15-5.

Arbi likewise lost the first game of his match against Thomas Stuer-Lauridsen of Denmark. Stuer's game was on-form in the first and the steeply angled jumpsmashes from the 6-foot-4-inch Dane often found the floor on Arbi's end of the court. Stuer's backhand halfsmashes and his net shots also kept Arbi at bay. Arbi lost the first 10-15.

Stuer lost his touch in the second and Arbi used his jumpsmashing and quick forays to the front court to win 15-6.

In the third, it was still all-Arbi as the Indonesian steamrollered an erratic and frustrated Stuer 15-1.

Third seed Sun Jun of China defeated the eleventh-seeded Danish player Peter Gade-Christensen. Sun took the first game 15-9 and raced to an 11-4 lead in the second. Gade mounted a comeback to close the gap at 12-8 but Sun was able to counter and reach match point.

Gade again came back to close in at 14-11 but a misjudgement by the Dane on a Sun Jun lift stopped Gade's run. Sun notched the match winner on a Gade crosscourt jumpsmash that went wide.

Fifteenth-seeded Peter Rasmussen combined his jumpsmashing with excellent deception to upset the eight-seeded Park Sung Woo of Korea 15-2 and 18-17.

In tomorrow's semifinals, Arbi faces Rasmussen and Hoyer plays Sun Jun.