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July 18, 1997 (NEW SHUTTLENWS) - Men's singles top-seed Heryanto Arbi of Indonesia was in trouble today during his quarterfinal match against fellow Indonesian Budi Santoso when a power failure intervened and allowed Arbi a forty-five minute break to recover his strength. Arbi had won the first game 15-6 but Santoso had come back to take the second 15-8.

Arbi whose fitness and ability to play well in three-game matches against top opposition has been lacking was once again extended, but the forty-five minute power outage helped him recharge his game. Arbi had an rare easy decider, winning at 15-6.

Malaysia's Yong Hock Kin continued his upset streak in the quarterfinals. His victim today was Denmark's Peter Gade-Christensen 18-14 and 15-2.

Indonesian Marleve Mainaky also kept surprising. Mainaky gained the semifinals today by defeating George Rimarcdi, also of Indonesia, 6-15, 15-9 and 15-5.

In women's singles, Indonesian players took advantage of the absence of the Chinese who had problems with their Indonesian visas. They captured three of the four semifinal berths.

Susi Susanti, Ellen Engelina and Meiluawati qualified for the semifinals together with Korea's Lee Joo Hyun. Susanti beat teammate Lidya Djaelawidjaya 11-2 and 11-4. Engelina took the measure of Japan's Yasuko Mizui 11-3 and 11-7 and Meiluawati defeated Korean Kim Ji Hyun 5-11, 12-10 and 11-8.

Lee prevented an all-Indonesian semifinals by squeezing past Kristin Yunita 6-11, 12-9, 12-10.

In mixed doubles, the host Indonesians did manage to pull off an all- Indonesian semifinals in the absence of world champions Liu Yong and Ge Fei of China. Bambang Suprianto, a former top men's doubles specialist who is now trying his hand at mixed doubles, had the key win in the quarterfinals. He and partner Rosalina Riseu posted a major upset today with their 8-15, 15-10 and 15-7 victory over the world championships silver medalists and top-seeds Jens Eriksen and Marlene Thomsen of Denmark.

In women's doubles, Japan's Yoshiko Iwata and Haruko Matsuda also scored a major upset, defeating the highly-rated Indonesians Denyana Lomban and Indarti Isolina 15-10, 8-15 and 15-13.

Results of the quarterfinal matches today:

Heryanto Arbi (Indonesia) beat Budi Santoso (Indonesia) 15-6, 8-15, 15-6
Ardi B. Wiranata (Indonesia) beat Hermawan Susanto (Indonesia) 15-6, 15-10
Marleve Mainaky (Indonesia) beat George Rimarcdi (Indonesia) 6-15, 15-9, 15-5
Yong Hock Kin (Malaysia) beat Peter Gade Christensen (Denmark) 18-14, 15-2

Susi Susanti (Indonesia) beat Lidya Djaelawidjaja (Indonesia) 11-2, 11-4
Lee Joo Hyun (Korea) beat Kristine Yunita (Indonesia) 6-11, 12-9, 12-10
Meiluawati (Indonesia) beat Kim Ji Hyun (Korea) 5-11, 12-10, 11-8
Ellen Engelina (Indonesia) beat Yazuko Mizui (Japan) 11-3, 11-7

Sigit Budiarto/Chandra Wijaya (Indonesia) beat Eng Hian/Hermono (Indonesia) 15-1, 15-7
Antonius Budi Iriantho/Denny Kantono (Indonesia) beat Rudi Wijaya/Seng Kok Keong (Indonesia) 15-7, 15-13
Yoo Yong Sung/Lee Dong Soo (Korea) beat Nova Widianto/Karel (Indonesia) 15-12, 15-2
Rexy Mainaky/Ricky Subagya (Indonesia) beat Jesper Larsen/Jens Eriksen (Denmark) 15-3, 15-9

Resiana Zelin/Eliza (Indonesia) beat Vita Marisa/Angelina (Indonesia) 15-11, 15-8
Marlene Thomsen/Lisbet Stuer-Lauridsen (Denmark) beat Chynthia Tuwankotta/ Etty Tantri (Indonesia) 15-2, 15-17, 15-8
Finarsih/Minarti Timur (Indonesia) beat Masumo Takae/Chikako Nakayama (Japan) 15-5, 12-15, 15-10
Yoshiko Iwata/Haruko Matsuda (Japan) beat Denyana Lomban/Indarti Isolina (Indonesia) 15-10, 8-15, 15-13

Bambang Suprianto/Rosalina Riseu (Indonesia) beat Jens Eriksen/Marlene Thomsen (Denmark) 8-15, 15-10, 15-7
Sandiarto/Finarsih (Indonesia) beat Lee Dong Soo/Yim Kyung Jin (Korea) 16-18, 15-3, 15-7
Imam Tohari/Ema Ermawati (Indonesia) beat Nick Ponting (England)/Rikke Olsen (Denmark) 7-15, 15-8, 15-1
Trikus Heryanto/Minarti Timur (Indonesia) beat Chris Hunt/Donna Kellogg (England) 15-8, 15-6