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May 21, 1998 (NEW SHUTTLENWS) - Tournament favorite China and defending champion Indonesia today set up another battle for all the marbles at the world women's team championships of badminton - the Uber Cup Finals - with victories in today's semifinals. China routed Korea 5 matches to 0 this afternoon, and Indonesia defeated Denmark 4 to 1.

China was led as usual by world singles champion Ye Zhaoying and world doubles champions Ge Fei and Gu Jun. Ye defeated Korean Kim Ji Hyun 11-5 and 11-7 in the opening singles, and the world doubles champions defeated Ra Kyung Min and Jang Hye Ock 15-10 and 15-8. Gong Zhichao was in better form today than in her two previous outings and she easily defeated Lee Joo Hyun 11-4 and 11-0.

Qin Yiyuan and Tang Yongshu took the second doubles match with a convincing 15-1 and 15-8 over Kim Shin Young and Kim Mee Hyang. Lefthander Dai Yun beat Lee Hyung Won 11-8 and 11-8 in the third singles match to complete the shutout.

Indonesia's Susi Susanti had problems early in the opening singles match against Denmark's Camilla Martin. Susanti had difficulty with the drift, often letting lifts and clears from Martin land inbounds without attempting a stroke. She dropped the first game to the determined Dane 7-11.

Martin however started to labor in the next set, specially after Susanti began to play extended rallies. The Dane also began to get demoralized as some line calls went against her. Her strapped left knee also began to bother her and she could be seen grimacing whenever she had to perform a deep lunge. Susanti took the second 11-5 and the decider as well at 11-4.

In the first doubles, Eliza Nathanael and Rosiana Zelin were too quick today for Rikke Olsen and Marlene Thomsen. The Indonesians won the match 15-6 and 15-9.

Mia Audina had a battle on her hands in the first game of the second singles as Mette Pedersen tried mightily to keep Denmark alive. The two played to deuce before Audina managed to score the game winner at 12-11. In the second set, Audina was in command and she clinched a place in the finals for her country with an 11-4 victory.

Despite having already lost the tie, Denmark's Ann Jorgensen and Camilla Martin, who normally only plays the singles event, played determinedly against Indarti Isoliana and Denyana Lomban. The Danish duo took the first game 15-6, but could not hold on to their advantage. The Indonesians took the next two sets 15-8 and 15-7 to put Indonesia up 4-0.

In the closing singles, Mette Sorensen beat Ellen Engelina 11-1 and 11-5 to give Denmark its only point.