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European Veterans Championships: World Titleist Helledie Good For Two

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April 5, 1999 (NEW SHUTTLENWS) - Former world men's doubles champion Jesper Helledie of Denmark can still play great doubles badminton at least at the master's level. The 1983 world titleist proved that this weekend at the European veterans badminton championships in Innsbruck, Austria when he repeated as a double gold medalist in the forty-plus age group. Helledie took the men's doubles title with compatriot Claus Andersen and also won the mixed doubles crown with fellow Dane Hanne Absdol.

Andersen won the men's singles event in the age group for his second gold medal. Germany's Heidi Bender and Michael Schnaase and Denmark's Helle Guldborg were the other double title winners. Bender took top honors in the women's singles and doubles in the forty-plus bracket, while Schnaase was a gold medalist in men's singles and men's doubles in the fifty-plus group. Guldborg's two titles came in the fifty-plus women's doubles and mixed doubles events.

Following is an unofficial list of the medal winners:

Forty-plus Age Group
Men's Singles:
Gold Medal - Claus B. Andersen (Denmark)
Silver Medal - Tariq Farooq (Austria)
Bronze Medal - Konrad Reuther (Germany)
Bronze Medal - Miha Sepec (Slovenia)

Women's Singles:
Gold Medal - Heidi Bender (Germany)
Silver Medal - Aneta Janeva Doukova (Bulgaria)
Bronze Medal - Ursi Nyffenegger (Switzerland)
Bronze Medal - Debbie Lynch (Denmark)

Men's Doubles:
Gold Medal - Jesper Helledie / Claus B. Andersen (Denmark)
Silver Medal - Tony Evans / Peter Higman (England)
Bronze Medal - Stefan Frey / Konrad Reuther (Germany)
Bronze Medal - Rainer Deutsch / Karl Heinz Fix (Germany)

Women's Doubles:
Gold Medal - Heidi Bender / Petra Diers-Wierichs (Germany)
Silver Medal - Birthe Rathsach / Ellen Aagaard (Denmark)
Bronze Medal - Sue Orwin (England) / Aneta Janeva Doukova (Bulgaria)
Bronze Medal - Andi Stretch / Ann Walker (England)

Mixed Doubles:
Gold Medal - Jesper Helledie / Hanne Adsbol (Denmark)
Silver Medal - Stefan Frey / Heidi Bender (Germany)
Bronze Medal - Ian Purton / Christine Crossley (England)
Bronze Medal - Peter Higman / Jackie Hurst (England)

Fortyfive-plus Age Group
Men's Singles:
Gold Medal - Soren Molin (Sweden)
Silver Medal - Edgar Michalowsky (Germany)
Bronze Medal - Per Mikkelsen (Denmark)
Bronze Medal - Hans Jurgen Gohler (Germany)

Women's Singles:
Gold Medal - Christine Crossley (England)
Silver Medal - Vibeke Dahl (Denmark)
Bronze Medal - Lis Rathsach (Denmark)
Bronze Medal - Gunnel Bengtsson (Sweden)

Men's Doubles:
Gold Medal - Morton Fredslund / Henrik Gundtoft (Denmark)
Silver Medal - Per Mikkelsen / Erik Linneberg (Denmark)
Bronze Medal - John Larson / Benny Petersen (Denmark)
Bronze Medal - Edgar Michalowsky / Erfried Michalowsky (Germany)

Women's Doubles:
Gold Medal - Eileen Carley / Susan Ely (England)
Silver Medal - Lis Rathsach / Anne Marie Bagger (Denmark)
Bronze Medal - Pamela Dallow / Jean Eslick (England)
Bronze Medal - Vibeke Dahl / Solveig Holm (Denmark)

Mixed Doubles:
Gold Medal - Peter Emptage / Pamela Dallow (England)
Silver Medal - Morton Fredslund / Anne Marie Bagger (Denmark)
Bronze Medal - John Cocker / Betty Barlett (England)
Bronze Medal - John Larsen / Lis Rathsach (Denmark)

Fifty-plus Age Group Men's Singles:
Gold Medal - Michael Schnaase (Germany)
Silver Medal - Bob Northcott (England)
Bronze Medal - Niels Erik Kofoed (Denmark)
Bronze Medal - Ad Verhoof (Netherland)

Women's Singles:
Gold Medal - Renate Knotsch (Germany)
Silver Medal - Monika Reginieri (Germany)
Bronze Medal - Barbara Wadsworth (England)
Bronze Medal - Solveig Holm (Denmark)

Men's Doubles:
Gold Medal - Horst Losche / Michael Schnaase (Germany)
Silver Medal - Graham Billinghurst / Peter Wood (England)
Bronze Medal - Kurt Fals / Soren Haldager (Denmark)
Bronze Medal - Rene Toft / Niels Erik Kofoet (Denmark)

Women's Doubles:
Gold Medal - Helle Guldborg / Lene Noer (Denmark)
Silver Medal - Irene Sterlie (Denmark) / Barbara Wadsworth (England)
Bronze Medal - Anette Meno / Ingelise Borelli (Denmark)
Bronze Medal - Maureen Rimmer / Barbara Seddon (England)

Mixed Doubles:
Gold Medal - Soren Haldager / Helle Guldborg (Denmark)
Silver Medal - Tony Evans / Maureen Rimmer (England)
Bronze Medal - Graham Billinghurst / Wendy Arscott (England)
Bronze Medal - Dieter Prax / Brigitte Prax (Germany)

Fiftyfive-plus Age Group Men's Singles:
Gold Medal - Gunther Kreuder (Germany)
Silver Medal - Peter Wood (England)
Bronze Medal - Soren Nielsen (Denmark)
Bronze Medal - Siegfried Dutschke (Germany)

Women's Singles:
Gold Medal - Christel Skibbe (Germany)
Silver Medal - Heidi Menacher (Germany)
Bronze Medal - Beryl Goodall (England)
Bronze Medal - Hilde Kreulitsch (Austria)

Men's Doubles:
Gold Medal - Heinz Gehrke / Michael Oversberg (Germany)
Silver Medal - Leif V. Hansen / Jesper Arendrup (Denmark)
Bronze Medal - Hans Schuhmacher / Klaus Grothe (Germany)
Bronze Medal - Erling Jensen / Jorgen Jaeger (Denmark)

Women's Doubles:
Gold Medal - Karin Schofers / Heidi Menacher (Germany)
Silver Medal - Renate Knotzsch / Renate Gabriel (Germany)
Bronze Medal - Brenda Andrew / Beryl Goodall (England)
Bronze Medal - Kay Brindle / Katie Wattridge (England)

Mixed Doubles:
Gold Medal - Hans Schuhmacher (Germany) / Renate Gabriel (Germany)
Silver Medal - Soren Nielsen / Jytte Sorensen (Denmark)
Bronze Medal - Leif V. Hansen / Kaya Garbrecht (Denmark)
Bronze Medal - Horst Losche / Karin Schofers (Germany)


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