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European Juniors: Germans Capture Four Golds, Danes Only Two

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April 10, 1999 (NEW SHUTTLENWS) - Germany's young badminton players showed that there may be a changing of the guard, or at least the rise of a new power, in European badminton when they finished the 8-day European Junior badminton championships in Glasgow, Scotland with 4 gold medals, while perennial powerhouse Denmark only garnered two and the other Euro powers, England and Sweden, went home with no gold medals.

In today's individual finals, German players, who had taken the team title on Monday, won three of the five championships at stake. Petra Overzier began the German triple triumph when she beat Victoria Kosheleva of Russia in the women's singles final. Bjorn Joppien followed with another gold medal two matches later when he defeated Eric Pang of the Netherland 15-8 and 15-10.

Overzier and Anne Honscheid then captured the third title of the day for the Germans when they upset Helle Nielsen and Karina Sorensen of Denmark 15-2, 8-15 and 15-9.

Denmark's two gold medals came in the mixed doubles and the men's doubles. In the mixed event final, Mathias Boe and Karina Sorensen beat Germany's Sebastian Schmidt and Anne Honscheid 15-5 and 15-4, while in the men's doubles title match, Boe and Kasper Jensen defeated Przemyslaw Wacha and Piotr Zoladek of Poland 15-3 and 15-8.

Following is an unofficial list of individual medal winners:

Men's Singles
Gold - Bjorn Joppien (Germany); Silver - Eric Pang (Netherland); Bronze - Przemyslaw Wacha (Poland); Bronze - Ben Hume (England)
Women's Singles
Gold - Petra Overzier (Germany); Silver -Victoria Kosheleva (Russia); Bronze - Kamila Augustyn (Poland); Bronze - Anne Honscheid (Germany)
Men's Doubles
Gold - Mathias Boe and Kasper Jensen (Denmark); Silver - Przemyslaw Wacha and Piotr Zoladek (Poland); Bronze - Kristian Roebuck and Oliver Bush (England); Bronze - Jean-Michel Lefort and Olivier Fossy (France)
Women's Doubles
Gold - Helle Nielsen and Karina Sorensen (Denmark); Silver - Petra Overzier and Anne Honscheid (Germany); Bronze - Liza Parker and Suzanne Rayappan (England); Bronze - Fiona Sneddon and Carol Tedman (Scotland)
Mixed Doubles
Gold - Mathias Boe and Karina Sorensen (Denmark); Silver - Sebastian Schmidt and Anne Honscheid (Germany); Bronze - Jonas Jensen and Helle Nielsen (Denmark); Bronze - Alexei Vasiliev and Anastasia Russkikh (Russia)

Following are the unofficial results of the team finals and playoffs played on Monday (names of winning team's players first, where match results are shown):

Group 1 (Championship Group)
Championship Tie - Germany beat Russia 4-1
(Men's Singles - B. Joppien beat E. Dremin 15-4, 15-9; Women's Singles - P. Overzier beat V. Kosheleva 8-11, 11-2, 11-6; Men's Doubles - S. Schmidt and J. Cassel beat A. Nicholaenko and A. Vasiliev 15-10, 15-4; Women's Doubles - P. Overzier and A. Honscheid beat A. Russkikh and M. Koloskova 15-13, 15-8; Mixed Doubles - S. Schmidt and A. Honscheid lost to A. Nicholaenko and A. Russkikh 11-15, 12-15)
Third Place Playoff - Denmark beat Poland 4-1
(Men's Singles - T. Rahlin lost to P. Wacha 15-12, 12-15, 5-15; Women's Singles - Tine Hoy beat K. Augustyn 11-8, 11-6; Men's Doubles - K. Jensen and M. Boe beat P. Wacha and P. Zoladek 15-6, 11-0 retired; Women's Doubles - H. Nielsen and K. Sorensen beat K. Augustyn and A. Wegrzyn 15-7, 15-7; Mixed Doubles - J. Jensen and K. Sorensen beat P. Zoladek and A. Wegrzyn 15-8, 15-9)
Fifth Place Playoff - England beat Sweden 4-1
Seventh Place Playoff - Netherland beat Ukraine 4-1

Group 2 (Second Tier)
First Place Playoff - Scotland beat France 3-2
(Men's Singles - R. Blair lost to J-M. Lefort 12-15, 13-15; Women's Singles - F. Sneddon beat E. Eymard 11-6, 7-11, 11-8; Men's Doubles - R. Hopkins and D. McCaffery lost to O. Fossy and A. Duclos 10-15, 11-15; Women's Doubles - F. Sneddon and C. Tedman beat E. Eymard and A. Decelle 11-15, 15-6, 17-14; Mixed Doubles - R. Blair and C. Tedman beat J-M. Lefort and A. Decelle 15-4, 8-15, 15-6)
Third Place Playoff - Czech Republic beat Bulgaria 4-1
Fifth Place Playoff - Slovak Republic beat Finland 3-4
Seventh Place Playoff - Ireland beat Switzerland 3-2


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