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Malaysian Open: Dong Jiong Bounced In Second Round

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June 30, 1999 (NEW SHUTTLENWS) - China's Dong Jiong, the 1998 Asian Games badminton men's singles champions and winner of a silver medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, was bounced out of the Malaysian Open championships this evening in second round action. Dong who had laboured to a three-set victory earlier today was beaten by Malaysia's Jason Wong 15-10 and 15-11.

Wong's tactics of deep lobs to the sides kept Dong from using his powerful attacking shots to full advantage and helped the Malaysian player to force mistakes from the Chinese player.

In other second round men's singles matches, top-seed Peter Gade of Denmark put out Jin Xinpeng of China 15-4 and 15-5, while world champion Sun Jun eliminated Ahn Jae Chang of Korea 15-7 and 15-7. Gade and Sun are seeded to clash in the finals.

Following are some of the results of the men's singles second round, the women's doubles first round and the mixed doubles first round.

Men's Singles
Second Round
Peter Gade (Denmark) beat Ji Xinpeng (China) 15-4, 15-5
Mohd. Roslin Hashim (Malaysia) beat Siew Yian Wai (Malaysia) 15-3, 15-10
Ong Ewe Hock (Malaysia) beat Yudi Suprayodi (Indonesia) 15-2, 15-11
Jason Wong (Malaysia) beat Dong Jiong (China) 15-10, 15-11
Fung Permadi (Taiwan) beat Xia Xuanze (China) 15-7, 14-17, 15-10
Wong Choon Hann (Malaysia) beat Bjorn Joppien (Germany) 15-4, 15-10
Chen Gang (China) beat Park Tae Sang (Korea) 15-10 14-17 15-11
Rony Agustinus (Indonesia) beat Lee Hyun Il (Korea) 15-6, 15-4
Jeffer Rosobin (Indonesia) beat Alvin Chew (Malaysia) 15-12, 15-13
Rashid Sidek (Malaysia) beat Chen Wei (China) 15-5, 15-4
Chien Yu Hsiu (Taiwan) beat Chen Hong (China) 15-3, 15-1
Peter Rasmussen (Denmark) beat Abhinn Shyam Gupta (India) 15-5, 15-2
Luo Yigang (China) beat Irwansyah (Indonesia) 15-13, 15-5
Yong Hock Kin (Malaysia) beat Roland Susilo (Singapore) 15-4, 15-4
Lee Tsuen Seng (Malaysia) beat Pullela Gopichand (India) 15-12, 15-9
Sun Jun (China) beat Ahn Jae Chang (South Korea) 15-7, 15-7

Women's Doubles
First Round
Ge Fei and Gu Jun (China) beat Wong Pei Tty and Lee Yin Yin (Malaysia) 15-11, 15-2
Chien Hsui Lin and Cheng Wen Hsing (Taiwan) beat Norashikin Amin and Fong Chew Yen (Malaysia) 15-8, 15-4
Helene Kirkegaard and Rikke Olsen (Denmark) beat Chung Jae Hee and Lee Kyung Won (Korea) 10-15, 15-8, 15-6
Weibke Schrempf and Anne Hoenscheid (Germany) beat Kaori Mori and Mika Anjo (Japan) 5-15, 15-13, 15-11
Nathaniel Eliza and Denyana Lomban (Indonesia) beat Sujitra Ekmongkolpaisarn and Saralee Thunthongkam (Thailand) 8-15, 15-3, 15-12
Sandra Dimbour (France) and Sandra Watt (Scotland) beat Anu Weckstrom (Finland) and Elizabeth Cann (Denmark) 15-7, 15-6
Lu Ying and Huang Sui (China) beat Lim Pek Siah and Joanne Quay (Malaysia) 15-4, 15-12
Cheah Kah Ling and Chin Eei Hui (Malaysia) beat Sonya McGinn and Fiona Sneddon (Scotland) 15-13, 15-3
Woon Sze Mei and Wong Miew Kheng (Malaysia) beat Maria Luise Mur and Agnese Allegrin (Italy) 15-6, 15-6
Mette Schjoldager and Ann Lou-Jorgensen (Denmark) beat Chikako Nakayama and Takae Masumo (Japan) 15-3, 15-12
Yao Jie and Zhou Mi (China) beat Chen Li Chin and Tsai Hui Min (Taiwan) 9-15, 15-7, 15-13
Etty Tantri and Chynthia Tuwankotta (Indonesia) beat Ravinder Kaur and V. Renuga (Malaysia) 15-0, 15-3
Methinee Narawirawuth and Sathinee Chankrachangwong (Thailand) beat Carol Tedman and Kirsty Sneddon (Scotland) 15-1, 15-4

Mixed Doubles
First Round
Michael Sogaard and Rikke Olsen (Denmark) beat Lin Wei Hsiang and Chen Li Chin (Taiwan) 15-5, 15-10
Teo Kok Seng and Ang Li Peng (Malaysia) beat Hirishi Ohyama and Masuko Takae (Japan) 15-13, 15-5
Wahyu Agung and Ema Ermawati (Indonesia) beat Deng Chuan Hai and Lu Ying (China) 12-15, 15-13, 15-13
Joachim Tesche and Wiebke Schrempf (Germany) beat Simone Vincenzi and Maria Luise Mur (Italy) 15-1, 15-8
Bambang Suprianto and Rosiana Zelin (Indonesia) beat Ng Kean Kok and Fong Chew Yen (Malaysia) 15-0, 15-9
Janek Roos and Helene Kirkegaard (Denmark) beat Lee Dong Soo and Lee Hyo Jung (Korea) 10-15, 15-9, 17-14
Zhang Jun and Gao Ling (China) beat Jeremy Gan and Joanne Quay (Malaysia) 15-11, 15-13
Pang Cheh Chang and Lim Pek Siah (Malaysia) beat Takuya Katayama and Emi Seki (Japan) 15-0, 15-3
Liu En Horng and Cheng Wen Hsing (Taiwan) beat Jesper Larsen and Ann Lou Jorgensen (Denmark) 16-17, 15-9, 15-10
Lee Wei Jen and Tsai Hui Min (Taiwan) beat Choong Tan Fook and Chor Hooi Yee (Malaysia) 15-10, 15-2
Ha Tae Kwon and Chung Jae Hee (Korea) beat Anthony Clark and Lorraine Cole (England) 15-1, retired
Kim Yong Hyun and Jung Yoon Kyung (Korea) beat Charles Khoo and Wong Miew Choo (Malaysia) 15-13, 15-6
Chen Qiqiu and Huang Sui (China) beat Khunakorn Sudhisodhi and Saralee Thunthongkam (Thailand) 7-15, 15-9, 15-8
Norio Imai and Chikako Nakayama (Japan) beat Rosman Razak and Norashikin Amin (Malaysia) score not available
Tri Kusheryanto and Minarti Timur (Indonesia) beat Robert Blair and Carol Tedman (Scotland) 15-0, 15-6


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