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Malaysian Open: Gade Shocked Once Again

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July 1, 1999 (NEW SHUTTLENWS) - Badminton men's singles world number one Peter Gade of Denmark was a shock loser for the second major tournament in a row when he went down to defeat in the round-of-16 of the Malaysian Open in Shah Alam, Selangor this evening. Gade lost a three-setter to Malaysia's Mohd. Roslin Hashim 8-15, 15-3 and 15-17.

At the world championships last May in Copenhagen, the top-seeded Gade had suffered a disappointing and dramatic three-game upset defeat in the semifinal stage at the hands of the veteran Fung Permadi of Taiwan, 9-15, 15-1 and 14-15.

In today's match, Gade started out poorly and fell behind to Hashim in the first game 3-7. The Malaysian played all-out and dominated the rallies as he extended his advantage to 14-7 and won the set 15-8.

In the second, Gade came out blasting. The Dane got his booming jumpsmashes and tight net shots going and quickly gained a 5-1 lead. Gade was unstoppable and he easily took the second 15-3.

Gade's power strokes and touch shots continued to be on target early in the decider. He opened with the first three points and kept the small advantage as his attacking tactics had Hashim on the defensive most of the time.

Hashim though did not let Gade run away with the match. He defended against the Dane well and kept Gade within reach 4-8, 7-10 and 8-12. Hashim kept extending the rallies with his defensive shots and Gade soon began to make error after error.

The tiring Gade reached match point at 14-10 but Hashim then pulled even to force a tiebreak or setting. In the tiebreak, the Malaysian had the steadier play and won at 17-15.

The Dane was so disappointed with the upset defeat that he begged off from interviews with the press after the match and only said that the loss was too much to take.

In another round-of-16 men's singles match, the third-seeded Fung Permadi, Gade's conqueror at the world championships, himself went down to defeat at the hands of Wong Choon Hann of Malaysia 15-7 and 15-10.

Current world champion and second-seeded Sun Jun of China beat Malaysia's Lee Tsuen Seng 15-7 and 15-9 to establish himself as the hot favourite to take the Malaysian Open title, with the top-seeded Gade having been upended.

Following are some of the results of today's round-of-16 matches.

Men's Singles
M. Roslin Hashim (Malaysia) beat Peter Gade (Denmark) 15-8, 3-15, 17-15
Ong Ewe Hock (Malaysia) beat Jason Wong (Malaysia) 15-8, 15-4
Wong Choon Hann (Malaysia) beat Fung Permadi (Taiwan) 15-7, 15-10
Rony Agustinus (Indonesia) beat Chen Gang (China) 15-7, 15-7
Rashid Sidek (Malaysia) beat Rosobin Jeffer (Indonesia) 15-12, 15-3
Chen Hong (China) beat Peter Rasmussen (Denmark) 15-12, 10-15, 15-13
Luo Yigang (China) beat Yong Hock Kin (Malaysia) 15-4, 15-6
Sun Jun (China) beat Lee Tsuen Seng (Malaysia) 15-7, 15-9

Women's Singles
Camilla Martin (Denmark) beat Ng Mee Fen (Malaysia) 11-1, 11-6
Zhou Mi (China) beat Kaori Mori (Japan) 12-13, 11-3, 11-6
Gong Ruina (China) beat Lidya Djaelawidjaya (Indonesia) 11-5, 11-5
Zeng Yaqiong (China) beat Hiang Chia Chi (Taiwan) 7-11, 11-4, 11-4
Yao Jie (China) beat Chan Ya Lin (Taiwan) 11-4, 11-6
Zhang Ning (China) beat Machiko Yoneya (Japan) 11-0, 11-0
Kelly Morgan (Wales) beat Aparna Popat (India) 6-11, 11-6, 11-7
Dai Yun (China) beat Woon Sze Mei (Malaysia) 11-6, 13-10

Men's Doubles
Ha Tae Kwon and Kim Dong Moon (Korea) beat Halim Haryanto and Wahyu Agung (Indonesia) 15-2, 15-7
Wang Wai and Deng Chuan Hai (China) beat Aman Santosa and Patrick K.P. Lau (Singapore) 12-15, 15-10, 15-12
Flandy Limpele and Eng Hian (Indonesia) beat Khunakorn Sudhisodhi and Kitipon Kitikul (Thailand) 17-15, 15-12
Choong Tan Fook and Lee Wan Wah (Malaysia) beat Ng Kean Kok and Teo Kok Seng (Malaysia) 15-17, 15-4, 15-6
Lee Dong Soo and Yoo Yung Sung (Korea) beat Rosman Razak and Chew Chun Eng (Malaysia) 11-15, 15-6, 15-6
Denny Kantono and Antonius Budi Iriantho (Indonesia) beat Lee Swung Yun and Lin Wei Hsiang (Taiwan) 15-13, 15-9
Yu Jinhao and Chen Qiqiu (China) beat Pramote Teerawiwatana and Tesana Panvisvas (Thailand) 15-9, 11-15, 15-13
Chandra Wijaya and Tony Gunawan (Indonesia) beat Pang Cheh Chang and Cheah Soon Thoe (Malaysia) 15-1, 15-5

Women's Doubles
Ge Fei and Gu Jun (China) beat Chien Hsiu Lin and Cheng Wen Hsing (Taiwan) 15-4, 15-2
Helene Kirkegaard and Rikke Olsen (Denmark) beat Webke Schrempf and Anne Hoenscheid (Germany) 15-2, 15-2
Eliza Nathanael and Deyana Lomban (Indonesia) beat Sandra Dimbour (France) and Sandra Watt (Scotland) 15-2, 15-12
Lu Ying and Huang Sui (China) beat Cheah Kah Ling and Chin Eei Hui (Malaysia) 15-1, 15-2
Mette Schjoldager and Ann Lou Jorgensen (Denmark) beat Woon Sze Mei and Wong Miew Kheng (Malaysia) 15-6, 15-12
Etty Tantri and Chynthia Tuwankotta (Indonesia) beat Yao Jie and Zhou Mi (China) 15-10, 15-4
Resiana Zelin and Minarti Timur (Indonesia) beat Lee Hyo Jung and Jung Yoon Kyung (Korea) 15-6, 17-16
Qin Yiyuan and Gao Ling (China) beat Methinee Narawirawuth and Sathinee Changkrachangwong (Thailand) 15-4, 15-1

Mixed Doubles
Michael Sogaard and Rikke Olsen (Denmark) beat Teo Kok Seng and Ang Li Peng (Malaysia) 15-5, 15-3
Wahyu Agung and Ema Ermawati (Indonesia) beat Joachim Tesche and Webke Schrempf (Germany) 15-3, 15-5
Bambang Suprianto and Resiana Zelin (Indonesia) beat Kitipon Kitikul and Methinee Narawirawuth (Thailand) 15-10, 15-4
Zhang Jun and Gao Ling (China) beat Janek Roos and Helene Kirkegaard (Denmark) 15-7, 14-17, 15-8
Pang Cheh Chang and Lim Pek Siah (Malaysia) beat Liu En Horng and Cheng Wen Hsing (Taiwan) 15-5, 15-5
Ha Tae Kwon and Chung Jae Hee (Korea) beat Lee Wei Jen and Tsai Hui Min (Taiwan) 15-4, 15-12
Chen Qiqiu and Huang Sui (China) beat Kim Yong Hyun and Jung Yoon Kyung (Korea) 15-1, 15-6
Tri Kusharyanto and Minarti Timur (Indonesia) beat Norio Imai and Chikako Nakayama (Japan) 15-1, 15-11


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