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Asian Junior Championships: China, Indonesia Split Team Crowns

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July 13, 1999 (NEW SHUTTLENWS) - China and Indonesia each captured a team gold medal at the Asian Junior badminton championships now underway in Yangon, Myanmar. The Chinese took the junior women's team title by trouncing the Indonesian girls 5 matches to none in this evening's final. The young Indonesian men grabbed the junior men's team crown from defending titleists China with a 3 matches to 2 victory in the championship meet.

Indonesia's triumph over the junior Chinese men came in an unusual and somewhat controversial fashion. With the Indons were ahead 2 matches to 1, China's Xiao Li who had just played and lost a men's singles three-setter against Wiempie was unable to make it to the court for his scheduled doubles match. Xiao and partner Xie Zhingbo had to give a walkover to Hendry Saputra and Wandri Saputra, and, in effect, had to hand the men's team title to Indonesia.

Korea and Malaysia shared third place in the men's team event. In the women's team event, Taiwan and Korea were co-bronze medalists.

China had beaten Korea in the men's team semifinals 3 matches to 2 with the Korean victories coming in walkovers after China had clinched with three opening match wins, while Indonesia beat Malaysia 3-2 with the Saputra brothers scoring the clincher in the first doubles.

In the women's team semifinals, China beat Taiwan 3-2 with Taiwan's 2 wins coming in fourth and fifth match walkovers. Indonesia beat Korea 3-2 in the same manner.

Match results from the team meets today (names of winning team's players first):

Junior Women
China beat Taiwan 3-2 (Hu Ting beat Chien Yu Chin 11-5, 11-9; Xie Xinfang beat Huang Chia Hsin 11-3, 11-9; Wei Yan beat Chiu Yi Ju 11-1, 11-5; Xie Xinfang and Zhang Jiewen lost to Cheng Wen Hsing and Chien Hsiu Un by walkover; Wei Yili and Zhang Yawen lost to Chou Chia Chi and Ku Pzi Ting by walkover)

Indonesia beat Korea 3-2 (Rosalina Atu beat Jun Jae Young 4-11, 11-6, 11-7; Mona Santoso beat Lee Kyung Ok 11-2, 7-11, 11-5; Chiung Siang beat Shi Jin Sun 11-2, 7-11, 11-9; Enny Erlangga and Novita lost to Hwang Yu Mi and Kim Hee Jung by walkover; Rosalina Atu and Mona Santoso lost to Too Hyun Hee and Shi Jin Sun by walkover)

China beat Indonesia 5-0 (Hu Ting beat Rosalina Atu 11-0, 13-10; Xie Xinfang beat Mona Santoso 11-5, 11-8; Wei Yan beat Chiung Siang 11-1, 11-3; Xie Xinfang and Zhang Jiewen beat Enny Erlangga and Novita 15-6, 15-9; Wei Yili and Zhang Yawen beat Rosalina Atu and Mona Santoso 15-2, 15-5)

Junior Men
China beat Korea 3-2 (Zhang Yang beat Jang Young Soo 15-12, 15-4; Chen Yu beat Lee Jae Jin 15-4, 15-2; Xiao Li beat Heo Hoon Hol 15-3, 15-10; Chen Yu and Lin Guangyun lost to Lee Jae Jin and Cho Han Sung by walkover; Xiao Li and Xie Zhingbo lost to Heo Hoon Hol and Chung Jae Sung by walkover)

Indonesia beat Malaysia 3-2 (Bobby S. lost to Alvin Chew 8-15, 5-15; Endra Feriyanto beat Kuan beng Hong 15-5, 10-15, 15-3; Wiempie M. beat Nazri Latifi 15-5, 15-11; Hendry Saputra and Wandri Saputra beat Teo Kok Seng and Charles Khoo 15-5, 13-15, 15-3; Bobby S. and Wiempie M. lost to Chan Teik Chai and Gavin Liew by walkover)

Indonesia beat China 3-2 (Bobby S. lost to Zhang Yang 12-15, 17-16, 3-15; Endra Feriyanto beat Chen Yu 12-15, 15-9, 15-9; Wiempie M. beat Xiao Li 15-13, 6-15, 15-12; Hendry Saputra and Wandri Saputra beat Xiao Li and Xie Zhingbo by walkover; Bobby S. and Wiempie M. lost to Chen Yu and Lin Guangyun 3-15, 0-15)


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