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Europe Cup: Results

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September 27, 1999 (NEW SHUTTLENWS) - Following are the results of the Europe Cup badminton competition held in Dornbirn, Austria last week. The competition was a team event contested by the national club champions or top club teams from 23 European countries plus a team from the host city of Dornbirn.

Preliminary Round
Group A
Kastrup-Magleby (Denmark) won Group A:
Kastrup-Magleby (Denmark) beat Parnassos BC (Cyprus) 7 matches to 0;
Grupo Desportivo de Estreito (Portugal) beat BC Geneve (Switzerland); Kastrup-Magleby beat BC Geneve 6-1;
Grupo Desportivo de Estreito beat Parnassos BC 7-0;
Kastrup-Magleby beat Grupo Desportivo de Estreito 6-1;
BC Geneve beat Parnassos BC 6-1

Group B
SBK Litpol Polam Suwalki (Poland) won Group B:
SK Meteor (Ukraine) beat Union BSC Dornbirn (Austria) 7-0;
SBK Litpol Polam Suwalki beat Kristiansand BK (Norway) 6-1;
Kristiansand BK beat Union BSC Dornbirn 6-1;
SBK Litpol Polam Suwalki beat SK Meteor 5-2;
SK Meteor beat Kristiansand BK 5-2;
SBK Litpol Polam Suwalki beat Union BSC Dornbirn 7-0

Group C
Sportschool van Zijderveld (Netherland) won Group C:
Sportschool van Zijderveld beat Alpha BC (Ireland) 7-0;
Racing Club (France) beat Helsingfors BC (Finland) 7-0;
Sportschool van Zijderveld beat Racing Club 7-0;
Alpha BC beat Helsingfors BC 6-1;
Sportschool van Zijderveld beat Helsingfors BC 7-0;
Alpha BC beat Racing Club 6-1

Group D
Dinamo Nizny Novgorod (Russia) won Group D:
Dinamo N.N. beat SC Raika Meran (Italy) 6-1;
BK 1973 Karbo Benatky n/J (Czech Republic) beat Dropschot BC (Belgium) 4-3;
Dinamo N.N. beat BK 1973 Karbo Benatky 7-0;
SC Raika Meran beat Dropschot BC 5-2;
Dinamo N.N. beat Dropschot BC 7-0;
BK 1973 Karbo Benatky beat SC Raika Meran 4-3

Group E
BC Eintracht Sudring Berlin (Germany) won Group E:
BC Eintracht Sudring Berlin beat BC Dudelange (Luxembourg) 7-0;
Club Badminton Alicante (Spain) beat Hadju Gabona Debreceni TC (Hungary) 5-2;
BC E.S. Berlin beat CB Alicante 7-0;
Hadju Gabona D. TC beat BC Dudelange 5-2;
BC E.S. Berlin beat beat Hadju Gabona D. TC 7-0;
CB Alicante beat BC Dudelange 5-2

Group F
Vastra Frolunda BMK (Sweden) won Group F:
Vastra Frolunda beat BK Olimpija Ljubljana (Slovenia) 5-2;
ASKO Raiba Traun (Austria) beat Tennis and Badminton Club Reykjavik (Iceland) 6-1;
ASKO Raiba Traun beat Vastra Frolunda 4-3;
BK Olimpija Ljubljana beat TBC Reykjavik 5-2;
Vastra Frolunda beat TBC Reykjavik 6-1;
BK Olimpija Ljubljana beat ASKO Raiba Traun 4-3
(Vastra Frolunda, ASKO Raiba Traun and BK Olimpija finished with 2-1 records; Vastra Frolunda took first place because it had won 14 matches. ASKO Raiba Traun won 13 matches and took second place. BK Olimpija Ljubljana won 11 matches and took third place).

Kastrup-Magleby drew a bye into the semifinals
BC Eintracht Sudring Berlin beat Dinamo Nizny Novgorod 7-0
Sportschool van Zijdereld beat SBK Litpol Polam Suwalki 6-1
Vastra Frolunda BMK drew a bye into the semifinals

BC Eintracht Sudrin Berlin beat Kastrup-Magleby 4-3
Sportschool van Zijderveld beat Vastra Frolunda BMK 6-1

BC Eintracht Sudring Berlin beat Sportschool van Zijderveld 5-1


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