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Danish Open: Sun and Gade Off To Fast Start

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October 13, 1999 (NEW SHUTTLENWS) - Badminton men's singles world champion Sun Jun of China got off to a fast start today at the top-tier Danish Open championships in Vejle. Sun who is the men's singles top seed at the four-star tournament easily defeated Jonas Lyduch of Denmark 15-7 and 15-6 in first round action.

Also off to a flying start is second seed Peter Gade of Denmark who whipped Jurgen Koch of Austria 15-3 and 15-1. Third seed Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia beat Ville Kinnunen of Finland 15-12 and 15-6, while fourth pick Heryanto Arbi, another Indonesian, struggled to get past Abhinn Shyam Gupta of India.

Arbi dropped the first set to the Indian player 11-15 and then had to stave off defeat in the second set which he took in a tiebreak 17-15. He won the decider 15-9.

Eleventh seed Johan Hadi Kusuma, still another Indonesian, was upended by Xiao Hui, a Chinese player who competes for a German club and who had to go through qualifying despite a second-place finish in last week's Dutch Open. Kusuma lost to Xiao 12-15 and 12-15.

Fifteenth pick Roslin Hashim of Malaysia fell to 1996 Olympic Games silver medalist Dong Jiong of China 9-15 and 6-15. Dong has dropped in the world rankings and is not among the seeds at the Danish Open.

Dong's first-round victory increases the probability of a third round rematch with 1996 Olympic Games gold medal-winner Poul-Erik Hoyer of Denmark. Hoyer, the Danish Open fifth seed, beat Sachin Ratti of India 15-4 and 15-6. In the second round, Dong will face the unranked Danish player Carsten Gjerlov, while Hoyer will meet Lin Liwen, the former Chinese national team member who now plays in Sweden.

In mixed doubles, defending champion Ann Jorgensen of Denmark had to pull out of the tournament because of a knee injury. 1995 mixed doubles world champion Marlene Thomsen of Denmark who is just coming back from a broken ankle and who is playing in her last international season took Jorgensen's place in the injured Dane's fifth-seeded partnership with Jon Holst-Christensen.

Thomsen and Holst won their opening match today. They trounced Italians Klaus Raffeiner and Petra Schott 15-4 and 15-1.

Following are the results of today's matches (number before player's name indicates seeding; letter q before player's name indicates that the player is a qualifier).

Men's Singles
First Round
1-Sun Jun (China) beat Jonas Lyduch (Denmark) 15-7, 15-6
Pullela Gopichand (India) beat Joachim Fischer (Denmark) 15-7, 15-12
q-Xiao Hui (China) beat 11-Johan Hadi Kusuma (Indonesia) 15-12, 15-12
Jyri Aalto (Finland) beat Thomas Sogaard (Denmark) 15-6, 15-8
6-Ong Ewe Hock (Malaysia) beat Jan Vondra (Czech) 15-12, 15-11
Dicky Palyama (Netherland) beat Kazuhiro Shimogami (Japan) 15-5, 17-16
10-Kenneth Jonassen (Denmark) beat q-Marcus Jansson (Sweden) 15-6, 15-4
George Rimarodi (Indonesia) beat Craig Robertson (Scotland) 15-9, 15-8
3-Taufik Hidayat (Indonesia) beat Ville Kinnunen (Finland) 15-12, 15-6
Keita Masuda (Japan) beat Kasper Odum (Denmark) 15-15, 15-7
13-Yong Hock Kin (Malaysia) beat q-Morten Pedersen (Denmark) 15-4, 15-7
Martin Delfs (Denmark) beat Michael Edge (England) 15-12, 15-6
5-Poul-Erik Hoyer (Denmark) beat Sachin Ratti (India) 15-4, 15-6
q-Lin Liwen (China) beat Morten Grove (Denmark) 15-6, 15-12
Dong Jiong (China) beat 15-M. Roslin Hashim (Malaysia) 15-9, 15-6
Carsten Gjerlov (Denmark) beat Klaus Raffeiner (Italy) 15-11, 12-15, 15-3
Mark Constable (England) beat Jan Frolich (Czech) 15-2, 15-11
9-Peter Rasmussen (Denmark) beat Guillermo Cox (Peru) 15-7, 15-5
Ruud Kuijten (Belgium) beat Bruce Flockhart (Scotland) 15-11, 15-10
8-Wong Choon Hann (Malaysia) beat Tadashi Ohtsuka (Japan) 15-10, 15-1
Jeroen Van Dijk (Netherland) beat Kasper Fangel (Denmark) 15-10, 15-9
14-Tomas Johansson (Sweden) beat Antti Viitikko (Finland) 15-3, 15-10
Xia Xuanze (China) beat Anders Boesen (Denmark) 15-7, 10-15, 17-14
4-Heryanto Arbi (Indonesia) beat Abhinn Shyam Gupta (India) 11-15, 17-15, 15-9
Martin Hagberg (Sweden) beat q-Henrik Kryger (Denmark) 15-12, 15-9
12-Rashid Sidek (Malaysia) beat Vladislav Druzchenko (Ukraine) 6-15, 17-14, 15-3
Nikhil Kanetkar (India) beat q-Kim Nielsen (Denmark) 15-8, 15-5
7-Marleve Mainaky (Indonesia) beat Peter Janum (Denmark) 15-10, 9-15, 15-8
Niels Christian Kaldau (Denmark) beat Steve Isaac (England) by walkover
16-Ronny Agustinus (Indonesia) beat Ji Xinpeng (China) 15-11, 15-8
Fumihiko Machida (Japan) beat Marian Sulko (Slovakia) 15-3, 15-8
2-Peter Gade (Denmark) beat Jurgen Koch (Austria) 15-3, 15-1

Mixed Doubles
1-Ms. Ge Fei and Liu Yong (China) beat Jesper Larsen and Ms. Ann-Lou Jorgensen (Denmark) 15-2, 15-5
Chris Hunt and Ms. Donna Kellogg (England) beat Ms. Britta Andersen and Janek Roos (Denmark) 15-12, 17-16
8-Wahyu Agung and Ms. Emma Ermawati (Indonesia) beat Yuzo Kubota and Ms. Haruko Matsuda (Japan) 15-6, 15-6
Ms. Jane Bramsen and Lars Paaske (Denmark) beat Quinten Van Dalm and Ms. Nicole Van Hooren (Netherland) 15-4, 15-12
3-Simon Archer and Ms. Joanne Goode (England) beat Santoso Sugiharjo and Ms. Enny Widowati (Indonesia) 15-3, 17-14
Ruud Kuijten and Ms. Manon Albinus (Belgium) beat Martin Lundgaard Hansen and Ms. Pernille Harder (Denmark) 4-12, retired
5-Jon Holst-Christensen and Ms. Marlene Thomsen (Denmark) beat Klaus Raffeiner and Ms. Petra Schott (Italy) 15-4, 15-1
Vladislav Druzchenko and Ms. Victoria Evtoushenko (Ukraine) beat Ms. Yoshiko Iwata and Takuya Katayama (Japan) 15-7, 15-7
Ms. Chen Lin and Chen Qiqiu (China) beat Chris Hales and Ms. Stefanie Westermann (USA) 15-4, 15-1
6-Jens Eriksen and Ms. Mette Schjoldager (Denmark) beat Chris Bruil and Ms. Erica Van Den Heuvel (Netherland) 15-7, 15-10
Anthony Clark and Ms. Lorraine Cole (England) beat Ms. Agnese Allegrini and Enrico Galeani (Italy) 15-4, 15-1
4-Bambang Suprianto and Ms. Resiana Zelin (Indonesia) beat Ms. Helene Kirkegaard and Jonas Rasmussen (Denmark) 8-15, 15-3, 15-13
Ms. Gail Emms and Ian Sullivan (England) beat Ms. Jeanette Lund and Lars Rasmussen (Denmark) 15-7, 15-9
7-Ms. Gao Ling and Zhang Jun (China) beat Ms. Lene Mork and Peter Steffensen (Denmark) 15-9, 15-5
Fumihiko Machida and Ms. Yasuko Mizui (Japan) beat Ms. Maria Luisa Mur and Simone Vincenzi (Italy) 15-3, 15-7
2-Ms. Rikke Olsen and Michael Sogaard (Denmark) beat q-Cheng Rui and Ms. Jiang Xuelian (China) 10-15, 15-7, 15-3


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