Southwest Badminton Association - Network Presence

As with any modern organization it is important to develop and maintain a network presence that will allow us to communicate effectively. This page documents the decisions we make regarding a network presence.

Domain Name

A very basic need is to select a domain name so that email, web and whatnot can then be established.

Web Site


20141021- Stan: We probably should have a generic contact (swba@<our domain>). Should this be aliased to an individual (who?) or should it go to the whole board so that anyone picking it up can respond? Last thing we want is for email to go into the old bit-bucket. Is there any value in having domain-based email for ourselves (e.g. stan@<our domain>)?

20141025- proposal (Stan): once we have domain in place then create generic email accounts for folks to contact us, including,,,,, These would of course be aliased as needed to point to the correct folks.

Social Media


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