2000 Olympics (Sydney)

Women's Doubles Finals Pictures

The Players

NOTE: I am not familiar enough with these players to match names with faces- please help by identifying the pictures below! Mail answers to stan@worldbadminton.com 

The Action

MPEG format so should be viewable on most any platform. These files need to be downloaded before viewing. They are NOT streaming video. Since they are fairly large files it is suggested that you use an FTP client that has "reget" capability.

Game 1

5:53 minutes, 52.2 MB

NOTE: this video is incomplete as not all of game 1 was captured

File: syd2000_WDF_g1.mpg

Available locally and on mirror sites  

Game 2

17:14 minutes, 155 MB

File: syd2000_WDF_g2.mpg

Available locally and on mirror sites  

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