2001 Southern/Pan Am Classic

An IBF Sanctioned Event

November 2nd – 4th, 2001

Don Shula’s Athletic Club, Miami Lakes, FL


The South Florida Badminton Association (SFBA), in conjunction with the Southern Badminton Association (SBA) and USA Badminton (USAB), is hosting the 2001 Southern/Pan Am Classic.  This will be an International Badminton Federation (IBF) sanctioned event.


Schedule of Events:



Friday, Nov. 2nd

Saturday, Nov. 3rd


Sunday, Nov. 4th





11:00 AM Junior & Senior Divisions; 5:00 PM Open Divisions

 9:00 AM All Divisions (play concludes on completion of the

              last Open Division Semi-Final)

 9:00 AM Conclusion of all other Division Matches

10:00 AM All Open Division Finals and Presentations





All matches and presentations will be completed before 4:00 PM, Sunday, November 4th.  Starting times are subject to change at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

Location:  Don Shula’s Athletic Club.  15150 Bull Run Road, Miami Lakes, FL  33014.  (305) 820-8025.

Events:  Men’s and Women’s singles and doubles and Mixed doubles in Open, Senior, and Junior divisions.  A consolation round will be held at the discretion of the tournament organizers, based upon court availability. Players may enter a maximum of three (3) events.  Events may be cancelled due to insufficient entries, or run as round robin events.

The minimum age for the Senior Division is 40.

Junior's requirement: Full-time student 22 years old or younger before date of tournament.  Proof of date of birth must be provided before or at registration to be entered in the Junior Division.

Scoring: Best 3 of 5 matches to 7 points.

Entry Deadline:  Entries must be postmarked by Saturday, Oct. 20th, or received by Midnight Oct. 22nd.  Entries received after this deadline will be assessed a $5.00 late fee.  Entries will not be accepted after Oct. 29th, without exception.

Registration: Registration location will be posted at Don Shula’s Athletic Club, and begins Friday at 10:00 AM.


Eligibility: Participation in the 2001 Southern/Pan Am Classic is open to members of any national association recognized by the IBF and any currently registered members of the USAB.  National associations should list their players according to national ranking on the entry form. Contestants who are not members of the USAB or a national association recognized by the IBF must pay $15.00 for a one-year USAB Tournament membership.


Please complete both sides of this form, cut on dotted line, and return to the address listed on the back.



Name_______________________________________________ IBF/USAB Membership # _______________________


Address_____________________________________________  Date of birth (mm/dd/yy)_______________________




Phone (Day)___________________(Evening)____________________ E-mail _________________________________


Tournament Phone/Hotel ____________________________________________________________________________


Release and covenant Not to Sue: By signing this entry application, I agree to waive any and all claims that may arise from my participation in the Southern/Pan Am Classic.  In consideration of my being permitted to participate in this competition, I, the person named below, release, discharge, and save harmless the International Badminton Federation (IBF), USA Badminton (USAB), the Southern Badminton Association (SBA), the South Florida Badminton Association (SFBA), Don Shula’s Athletic Club, and the Graham Companies, their employees, agents, officers, members, volunteers, heirs, assignees, executors, and administrators and any and all participants in this event, for any bodily injury to myself or others, or for damage to, or loss of my property incurred during the course of the 2001 Southern/Pan Am Classic.

Entrant warrants and represents that she/he will be bound by the rules and regulations of the IBF and the USAB; is an eligible player as defined by rules of the organization; that Entrant understands that the forenamed makes no warranties or guarantees of any nature with respect to the condition of the premises, the operation of the tournament and that no agent or employee is authorized to vary the term of this agreement, either orally or in writing.

For the same consideration I hereby give the IBF, USAB, the SBA, the SFBA, and each and every licensee or contractee of either or all of them including photographers, television and or motion picture companies or concerns, their affiliates and subsidiaries, full television and motion picture rights, including full power, permission and authority to film or video tape me during the matches, narrations, personal interviews, or comment thereon for any and all commercial, news or other purposes, together with the right of transfer to grant their rights to offers, all subject to no payment to me therefore.

I have read this agreement, understand its purpose, and agree to its terms:


Signed:_________________________________________________________________________  Date: __________________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature (if minor) ___________________________________________________Date: _________________________________

2001 Southern / PAN AM CLASSIC


Entry Fees:  One event: $35.00.   Two events: $50.00.  Three events: $65.00.  Juniors not participating in the open division can receive a $15.00 discount.


Shuttlecocks:  Yonex AS-50 is the official shuttlecock for the 2001 Southern/Pan Am Classic. 


Accommodations:  Don Shula’s Hotel, $109.00/room.  15255 Bull Run Road, Miami Lakes.  Located directly across from the Athletic Club, Don Shula’s has been selected as the official hotel of the 2001 Southern/Pan Am Classic.  For reservations call (800) 247-4852 or (305) 821-1150.  Mention the Southern/Pan Am Badminton Classic to get this special rate.


Flights:  United Airlines is the official airlines of the 2001 Southern/Pan Am Classic.  Discounts on airfare can be obtained by calling (800) 841-0460.  When making reservations, please refer to USA Badminton.  Local airports are Miami International (MIA) and Fort Lauderdale International (FLL).


Drug Testing: In accordance with the current regulations of both the International and United States Olympic Committee, random drug testing may be carried out at any time during the course of competition.  All testing will be done in accordance with the current IBF and USAB regulations.  For current information concerning banned substances and medication, contact the USOC Drug Education Hotline at 1-800-233-0393.


Clothing: Competitors are advised that clothing and advertising contained therein must conform to IBF regulations. Doubles pairs are encouraged to wear matching collared shirts and shorts, especially for the finals.


T-shirts:  Each participant may receive a tournament T-shirt, or alternate tournament merchandise, at the discretion of the Tournament organizers.  Please indicate choice of T-shirt size below.



Mail entry with fees to:



Dudley Chen (diggychen@juno.com)

11172 SW 25 St., Apt. 1

Miami, FL  33165-2355

(305) 554-1190

(305) 681-5012 (FAX)

E-mail: sba@sbabadminton.org






Please complete both sides of this form, cut on dotted line, and return to the address listed above.


Please enter me in the following events:  (Mark box or indicate partner’s name, where applicable)

                                                Open                                     Senior (40+)                         Junior

Women’s Singles




Women’s Doubles





Men’s Singles




Men’s Doubles





Mixed Doubles






Tournament fees:


For one event:

Two events:

Three events:

Juniors’ Discount:




-$15.00 (see Entry Fee details)













T-shirt size: ______M     ______L    ______XL  


Make checks payable to: South Florida Badminton Association (SFBA)