January 18th, 19th & 20th, 2002



SITE:                       San Jose State University Badminton Center, One Washington St., San Jose, California 95192


EVENTS:                A, B, C, D, & Senior(50+). Each event with the exception of Senior has 3 flights: Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles. Flights A & B for women Singles and Doubles will be combined. Senior events are Doubles and Mixed flight only. Tournament committees reserve the right to modify, combine or cancel event(s) as necessary.


AWARDS:              Cash Prize range for the ”A” 1st / 2nd / 3rd place winners shown on table below.









$125 (1st)
 $50 (2nd)
$25 (3rd)

$75 (1st)
$35 (2nd)
$20 (3rd)

$250 (1st)
 $75 (2nd)
$35 (3rd)

$100 (1st)
 $35 (2nd)
$20 (3rd)

$125 (1st)
 $50 (2nd)
$25 (3rd)

Prizes are granted to all flights 1st, 2nd & 3rd place OR Consolation winners.

FEES:                      Use table below to determine fees. Free t-shirt and entry in the raffle to win prizes from our sponsors for entries received and paid on or before December 31, 2001. Players are allowed to play 2 flights maximum per day.

NO REFUND after January 5, 2001.



1 event

2 events

3 events

Flight “A” (ABWS & ABWD)




Flight “B”, “C”, “D”




Senior Double ( 50+ )







Attn.: Tournament Officers

1237 South Mary Ave.

Sunnyvale, CA 94087


RAFFLE:                 All entries submitted before December 31, 2001 will automatically entered by the committee in the raffle drawing. A winner will be drawn from two groups and posted on the catalog and wall during the tournament. (Please bring a valid picture ID to claim the prize) Prizes that are not claimed within one week after the tournament ended will be donated. Prizes for the raffle is printed below:


Group 1 - entries from flight “A” & “B”: Yang-Yang WovenTi 8.0 (MSRP $149)

Group 2 - entries from flight “C” & “D”: Yang-Yang Woven Ti 4.0 (MSRP $139)               


DEADLINE:            All entry forms and payments must be received by January 11, 2002. Check or Money Order for payment must accompany the entry form. Entry will not be posted to the draw if no payment is attached/received. No phone-in-entry and late entries are accepted. Entry form is required for each individual player of doubles team. Tournament is limited to 200 entries. No adding match during the day of the tournament. Replacement of partner during the tournament might be allowed depending on circumstances.


SHUTTLES:           The official shuttlecock is Gosen S-200 Gold feather shuttlecock. Only tournament grade shuttlecock can be used during any matches. “D” may use Yonex Mavis 350 plastic/nylon shuttlecock only if both parties agreed prior to the match. There will be a special sale on tournament grade shuttlecock at Badminton Alley booth during the tournament.


TIME:                      Please check our web site at for detail information about the tournament schedule after 11:00pm on January 13, 2001.


OFFICERS:             David Chiu (


INQUIRY:                Please send all inquiries through email to and allow 2-3 days to reply)


SPONSORS:         United States Association of Badminton of Northern California (USABNC), Badminton Alley (, Alpha Sports, Gosen, and a lot more coming soon. Please check web site for details of our sponsors.


- Entry Form -

NAME:                                                                                             SEX:






TELEPHONE:                                                                                   E-MAIL:



Event # 1**


__Men   __Women              __Single   __Double   __Mixed-Double


Flight:     __A     __B     __C     __D     __SENIOR(50+)


Double’s Partner Name:    __________________________________




Event # 2**


__Men   __Women              __Single   __Double   __Mixed-Double


Flight:     __A     __B     __C     __D     __SENIOR(50+)


Double’s Partner Name:    __________________________________




Event # 3**


__Men   __Women              __Single   __Double   __Mixed-Double


Flight:     __A     __B     __C     __D     __SENIOR(50+)


Double’s Partner Name:    __________________________________





By signing this entry form, I understand that my minor’s or myself participate in BAY AREA OPEN SPRING 2002 is solely at my own risk. I agree to waive any and all claims that may arise in this tournament. I, the person named below, release and discharge San Jose State University; USABNC; Badminton Alley, Inc.; Tournament committees; agents; officers; sponsors; heirs and any participants in this event harmless for any bodily injury to myself or my minor or loss or any damages of my property incurred during this tournament.


For the same consideration, I hereby give Badminton Alley, Inc. full television and motion picture rights, including full power, permission and authority to film or video tape me during all matches, narrations, personal interviews, or comment thereon for any all commercial, news or other purposes together with the right to transfer to grant their rights to offers, all subject to no payment to me therefore.


I have read this agreement, understand its purpose and agree to all its terms.


Signature (parent’s signature if the minor is under 18 years old)                Date