2002 Bay Area Junior Open - Draw 

NOTE- this draw is now final. Except for corrections no changes are expected. However, be sure to check the posted draw at the tournament, as it will be the official draw.

Posted for your convenience. Please report any errors or omissions immediately.

Note that these are NOT the official tournament draw sheets, which will be posted at the tournament.

Full Tournament details are posted on the Results page.

Boy's Singles Girl's Singles Boy's Doubles Girl's Doubles Mixed Doubles Player Listings
U11BS U11GS U11BD U11GD U11XD U11players
U13BS U13GS U13BD U13GD U13XD U13players
U15BS see U13BS U15BD see U13BD U15XD U15players
U17BS U17GS U17BD U17GD U17XD U17players
U19BS U19GS U19BD U19GD U19XD U19players
U22BS U22GS U22BD U22GD U22XD U22players

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