2002 Bay Area Junior Open - Rules

In order to keep this tournament running smoothly, please be aware of these rules:

  1. On-court warm-ups are limited to 5 minutes
  2. Round-robin events will be decided on the basis of the following rules- in order of precedence:
    1. match record: number of matches won
      or in the event of a tie in match record. e.g. 2 teams with 3-1 record
    2. game record: number of games _lost_ during the matches
      or in the event of a tie in the game record
    3. point record: number of total points scored _against_ during the matches
      or in the event of a tie in the point total
    4. duplicate trophies will be awarded
  3. Default times are 5 minutes after the posted match time. First-round 
    defaults are out of the event. i.e. Not eligible for Consolation bracket.
  4. No changes or substitutions to the draw without the tournament director's 
    approval. The TD reserves the right to disallow any proposed changes to the 
    posted draws.
  5. Per USAB rules, match play must be continuous, and no injury time-outs 
    are allowed; This includes time to recover from cramps. In the interest of 
    fair play and for the safety of all our young players, the tournament referee 
    reserves the right to disqualify any player who cannot safely continue a 
    match due to injury.
  6. Overhead obstructions (baskets, cables, and lighting fixtures): On 
    serve, 1st serve of any given rally will be a Let; If the let hits an 
    obstruction, it is a fault. During play: baskets and lighting fixtures are 
    Faults; Cables are Lets (they hang a little lower).
  7. Once a shuttle from an adjacent court lands on your court, the rally will be 
    replayed as a Let.
  8. If a player who is competing in multiple flights of a given event (e.g. U17BS and U19BS) the TD reserves the right to default on of the levels if continuing that level disrupts the tournament.