2005 World Championships

Ed Wong's Pictures
All 5 courts going in the early rounds. IMG_0015.JPG The 2005 IBF banner. XD, China vs Malaysia Ng Wei in blue (HK) vs Chen Hong (China). Ng lost in round 3. Bao Chunlai (4) lost in quarterfinal but still autographed. IMG_0022.JPG MD Denmark (5) vs Indonesia (2).IND won in quarterfinal. Tony Gunawan (USA) MD, autographing. XD quarterfinal. China (3) far court lost to China (11). MS quarterfinal. Korea (13) blue lost to China (1), Lin Dan. Lin Dan (1). MS Gold, Taufik Hidayat (6) from Indonesia WS quarterfinal. Taipei vs HK. Taipei won. She was last year world junior champ. Wang Chen (4) from HK originally from China lost in quarterfinal, autographing my shirt. Cheng Shao-Chieh (TPE) signing my shirt. She is very short but has good shots!!!! Tony Gunawan, MD Gold medalist (USA)signing my shirt. Zhang Ning (1) WS Silver. Hidayat IND being interviewed. Hidayat taking picture with a fan Hidayat signing autograph, including my WD Ceremony WD Gold-China, Silver-China, Bronze-China & Korea Gao Ling (R), Huang Sui (L), WD Silver IMG_0042.JPG Yang Wei, WD Gold MD US (13) def IND (4) in the semifinal US MD (13) Howard Bach (R), Tony Gunawan (L). After the semifinal Stan and his family on row 4, right above the white shirted guy on the court. After the XD ceremony Xie Xingfang (2) China, WS Gold Peter Gade (3) Denmark, MS Bronze WS Ceremony WS Xie Xingfang (2) (R)-Gold, Zhang Ning (1)-Silver MS final getting started. Lin Dan in black. Hidayat in white Hidayat won, being interviewed. IMG_0062.JPG MS Ceremony IMG_0067.JPG IMG_0068.JPG IMG_0070.JPG The all star girls, performing in between matches IMG_0072.JPG The Sunday final night crowd!!! IMG_0074.JPG MD final getting started US MD team won the Gold medal!!!!! First medal ever!!!!! The arena was ROCKING!!!!! Tony Gunawan (L) Howard Bach (R) being interviewed after the final. IMG_0080.JPG IMG_0081.JPG MD Champions walking around the court MD Ceremony IMG_0084.JPG Playing the US National Anthem!!!!!! IMG_0086.JPG IMG_0088.JPG Playing the US National Anthem!!!!!! Arrowhead Pond My Yonex Shirt with most of the medal winners' autographs!!!! Autographs close-up IBF 2005 Championships Yonex Shirt. $50!!!!!!!!! Do you know what the graphic depicts? Amy didn't know at first!!!!!!!
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