Piner Summer 2007 Badminton Marathon Tournament

5PM Saturday June 16, 2007 to 5PM Sunday June 17, 2007.

POSTPONED - Due to new school schedule the gym maintenance is starting early so the gym is not available in June. 

The new tournament is finally scheduled for OCTOBER 20,21

24 hours of continuous play!


This is a marathon tournament. Teams consist of 6 or fewer players, with at least 2 players from each team being on court at all times during the 24 hours of the tournament. Both singles and doubles will be played in round-robin format with the overall team won-loss record determining the winners.

Since this is a protracted tournament, a continuing supply of Gatorade and snacks will be provided. Players are urged to bring additional snacks and drinks and a couple of changes of clothes- especially extra socks. Sleeping bags are welcome and sleeping space will be provided. Yonex Mavis 350 shuttles will be provided. Anyone wishing to use feathered shuttles must supply their own. Players may leave the venue at any time but for the optimum experience are encouraged to stay on site.

Tournament Web Site: 


Piner High, 1700 Fulton Road, Santa Rosa CA 95403


Entry Information

Entry fee: $15 per player ( Checks made payable to Piner Badminton )

Paid entries are due WED June 13. Please submit to Stan Bischof, 1894 Bennett Meadows Lane, Santa Rosa, CA, 95405. Information:

Team Name  
Players Name Address Telephone Email Signature
I have read the below waiver and agree to its terms.
Player #2          
Player #3          
Player #4          
Player #5          
Player #6          

Waiver - everyone must sign above- juniors should have their parents sign

I understand that my or my son/daughter's participation in the Piner Badminton Marathon Tournament involves a strenuous sport that can lead to injuries and that this tournament is played for an extended period such that fatigue will be a factor. Such participation is solely at my own risk and I hold harmless the Piner Badminton Club, Piner High School, Santa Rosa City Schools, tournament directors and all others who are helping to sponsor and run this tournament for any injuries that may arise as a result of this participation. I have read this agreement, understand it's purpose and agree to it's terms.