South San Francisco Recreation Department presents the

1999 Northern California Junior Championships

May 1,2 1999 South San Francisco High - 400 B Street, South San Francisco, CA.


The entire draw sheet is posted.

Starting Times

Gym opens 9AM on both days. Play starts at 9:40. More details will be posted when scheduling is complete.


Here is the draw for your convenience. Please
note that this is _not_ the official copy (which will be
at the desk Saturday AM).

U12BS ************* STARTS 9:40
Tom Bischof


Steven Wong

Arnold Setiadi

Jonathan Pun

Andrew Todt

Emmanuel Pun

Adam Suharja

U12GS ************* STARTS 11:50

RR with Samantha Jinadasa
Lauren Todt
Daphne Ng

U14BS ************* STARTS 10:20

Adam Suharja

Arnold Setiadi

        Huynh Trinh

        Sophear Yim

        Nick Jinadasa

        Brendan Taft

        Bunthoen Hang

        Gary Sexton

        Daniel Gouw   

U14GS **************** STARTS 9:40

RR with Amanda Lum
Pov Oum
Samantha Jinadasa
Jacquie Pfyl

U16BS ************ STARTS 10:20

Adam Gee


Brendan Taft

Putra Gokte

Eric Go

Bunthoen Hang

Can Huynh

Kevin Sexton

Yangho Shin


Huynh Troung

Nick Jinadasa

Sam Wong

Michael Lin


Jason Gu
U16GS ************ STARTS 10:50

        Nicole Ling

        Lav Lo

Jessica Allen

Ngan Nguyen

Becky Baddley

My Huynh

        Sitha Yim

        Eva Lee

        Tuyet Nguyen

        Lan Ngo
U18BS *************** STARTS 10:50

        Eric Go

Mike Lee

Andy Kao

        Can Huynh

        Albert Brown

        Amolak Badesha

        Chris Ling

Joel Radtke

Tim Trinh

        Michael Ho

U18GS ************ STARTS 9:40

Sitha Yim

Jessica Munks

My Huynh

Wencke Hansen

Eva Lee

Lan Ngo


Ngan Nguyen


U12 Mixed ************* START 3:00

RR with Emmanuel Pun/Lauren Todt
Arnold Setiadi/Samantha Jinadasa
Jonathan Pun/Daphne Ng

U16 Mixed ************** START 3:00 except where noted below

        Adam Gee/Nicole Ling

Daniel Gouw/Eva Lee

Jaie Chan/Alyssa Tham

Sam Wong/Lucinda Ip
        <<<<MATCH AT 1:50
Nick Jinadasa/Amanda Lum

        Jordan Crawford/Jessica Allen

U18 Mixed *************** START 3:00 excpet as noted below

Jordan Crawford/Jessica Allen
        <<<<<< MATCH AT 1:50
Albert Brown/Jessica Munks

Chris Ling/Jacquie Pfyl

Tim Trinh/Wencke Hansen

David Lee/Patty Wong

Joel Radtke/Heather Hartman


Michael Ho/Sanny Kuo


U14 DOUBLES *********** START 9:40

NOTE: due to limited entries this is a combined event

Daphne Ng/Lauren Todt


Jonathan Pun/Arnold Setiadi

Amanda Lum/Jacquie Pfyl

Adam Suharja/Andrew Todt

Cameron Ng/Jeffrey Ting


Emmanuel Pun/Steven Wong

U16BD ************* START 10:30

RR with Adam Gee/Whalen Rozelle
Daniel Gouw/Brendan Taft
Adam Lau/Dan Stitzel
Chris Geisler/Tahan Minakov
U16GD ************* START 9:40

        Annie Chen/Susan Hwang

Nicole Ling/Jacquie Pfyl

Jessica Wong/BeeKun Yeh

        Lav Lo/Tuyet Nguyen

        Grace Lee/Jessie Lee

U18BD ********* START 9:40

Albert Brown/Gabe Fossati


Whitney Baron/Phil Bratton

Gordon Cheng/Vega Huen

Jordan Crawford/Eric Go

Litton Chen/Vincent Cheng


Josh Ragadio/Ed Wong

Dominic Franklyn/Martin Ishmawan

Daniel Chen/Chris Ling

Jonathan Kim/Philip Kwong


David Lee/Sam Wong


Jack Kang/Joey Wu

U18GD **************** START 11:30

RR with Wencke Hansen/Jessica Allen
Charlene Mak/Kimberly Wong
Jane Vaynman/BeeBee Yeh


The following players participated. Birthdates are shown as reference. Note that Uxx events require that the player be UNDER "xx" years of age at the beginning of the calendar year.

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