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Badminton Products

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Unique Equipment and Accessories for the Badminton Athlete


Some time ago someone expressed interest in a automatic badminton feeding
machine.  This is to inform you that now, after over four years in
development, we have finished our first production model and others are in
preliminary assembly stages.

The machine has gone through much revision to create a product that would be
as simple and reliable as possible, yet perform essentially every function a
coach who is feeding shuttlecocks could do...and more.

The machine will precisely:

Controls include speed (distance), rate (shuttles per minute) and a wireless
on/off  switch.

The unit is lightweight and portable.  The base is a cart on casters, and the
carrousel holding the shuttles removes easily for refilling. The machine
(weighing only 25 lbs.)  lifts off a pedestal mounted to the top of the cart
for portability.

The unit doubles as a training station for serving by removing the machine
from the table pedestal and replacing it with an adapter that the carousel can
then be mounted to(See model to right in photo).  By placing the cart with the
mounted carrousel holding the shuttlecocks next to the server, hundreds of
birds are within easy reach for practice.

The carrousel holds 250 plastic or feather shuttlecocks.  Additional
carrousels are available as an option so that while the machine is running,
another carrousel can be filled to be ready when the first is empty.  This can
create non-stop feeding. A special telescoping rake is included to permit
gathering the birds into a pile for easy reloading of the carrousel.

This is a beautiful device and fascinating to watch operate. Its body is made
of clear space age polymers which permit direct viewing of all operations.
Everything is also modular so that if repair is needed, parts can be easily
removed for service or replacement.

We guarantee satisfaction.  If you order it and do not find it to be
everything you have dreamed of for a perfect feeding coach, return it in
resaleable condition within thirty days and your money will be refunded minus
shipping costs.

Each machine is individually hand-crafted and guaranteed for one year, parts
and labor, for any defect other than normal wear.

Price: $3,795.00 plus shipping (compare to the only other one we know of that
is being made [in Europe] for $15,000!).  This is a special introductory offer
and does not begin to cover manufacturing and development costs.  We offer it
out of a love for badminton and the belief that it can do much to advance the
If there is significant interest in the machine, we have also developed a
computer controlled prototype permitting programming of an infinite array of
drills.  But this machine will not be taken into production until it is clear
that there is the level of demand justifying its final engineering and

Club owners,  rent it by the hour and it will pay for itself over and over.
This is not to mention its ability to train players rapidly so that their
enthusiasm for the sport is greatly fanned.  Also consider the possibilities
with contests using the machine, or the ease for coaches to train youngsters
or new enthusiasts.  For the advanced player or novice alike, this is a
totally unique tool that can greatly enhance skills in a short period of time.

Can we build one for you?


The Wysong Portable Badminton Net is designed to be carried in a badminton bag, be lightweight (only 5 lb.), and to quickly set up on any surface.

Extension arms and standards are high quality anodized aluminum with a twist-lock telescope feature. Bases are finished oak with non-skid rubber pads. Tie cords are durable non-stretch nylon.

The specially designed, regulation sized net contains two supporting strings which permit tensioning the net to the legal 1" mid-sag without the need for excessive weight at the standards.

Two options are available for securing the standards:
1. Collapsible plastic jugs (included) are filled with water and positioned on the extension arms.
2. Optional - (not included) Rubber coated Olympic sized weights with feet slide over extension arms. One 5 lb. and one 2-? lbs. are required for each side. (Optional dumbbell handles are available to permit use of the weights for training.

BAD13: Portable net complete with collapsible water (2) jug weighting system - call (Ship Wt. 10 lbs.)
BAD14: Net and cords only - call (Ship Wt. 5 lbs.)
BAD15: Extra collapsible water jugs - call/each (Ship Wt. 1 lbs.)
BAD16: Rubber-coated dumbbell weight option (two 5-lb. and two 2-1/2 lbs. weights required for the option) - 5 lb. footed weight (each) - call (Ship Wt. 5 lbs.)
2-1/2 lb. weight (each) - call (Ship Wt. 2.5 lbs.)
BAD17: Chrome, easy star-lock dumbbell handle - call (Ship Wt. 7 lbs.)


The Wysong Portable Badminton Court permits quick set-up of a regulation-size court on any hard surface.

- Perimeter doubles court lines plus side singles lines, all contiguous. Lines are flat ?" bright orange nylon.
- Convenient durable reel dispenser stores the court line system to prevent wrinkles and keep line system flat for reuse.
- Vinyl ?" orange easy on/off tape is used to mark the long doubles service line and midline.
- Vinyl 2" clear easy on/off tape is used to hold corners of the court in place.

Limitations and Precautions:
The portable court system is designed for temporary portable use. Although the use of tape for lines in the concentrated center areas of play greatly reduces line movement, the perimeter portable lines are loose on the floor and can be moved by feet in play. Adjustments, tensioning, and retaping may be necessary from time to time. Tripping is also possible and awareness of this possibility should cause vigilance in keeping the lines secured flat to the floor.

BAD18: Portable court lines - call (Ship Wt. .75 lbs.)
BAD19: Dispenser reel for portable court lines - call (Ship Wt. .75 lbs.)
BAD20: Vinyl tape (1/2" x 108 ft. yellow) - call (Ship Wt. .5 lbs.)
BAD22: Tape dispenser with cutting edge for BAD20 (optional) - call (v .5 lbs.)
BAD21: Clear (2" x 108 ft.) hold-down tape - call (Ship Wt. .5 lbs.)
BAD23: Tape dispenser with cutting edge for BAD21(optional) - call (Ship Wt. .5 lbs.)


The best synthetic shuttlecocks we have found. Have feather-like flight, but the durability of nylon. Cork tipped. Specify white or yellow.

BAD24: .25 lb. - call/ per dozen (Ship Wt. .25 lbs.)

A rehydrating, buffering and energizing drink. Ideal for badminton training and competitions. Designed scientifically to replenish nutrients, quench free radicals, increase endurance and maintain health. No dyes, preservatives, artificial flavors or refined sugars. A blend of natural foods which are a concentrated source of energy from natural complex and simple carbohydrates, free radical scavenging antioxidants, electrolytes and vitamins and minerals derived from natural food only. Nothing artificial. Available in 23 and 67 ounce size. Just add water.

BAD25: 23 oz. bottle - $8.95 (Ship Wt. 1.5 lbs.)
BAD26: 67 oz. bottle - $22.89 (Ship Wt. 4 lbs.)

Slide action on spout prevents any spills or leaks. Made of lightweight sanitary plastic. Ideal for mixing Wysong Energy Drink. Add ? cup Energy Drink powder to bottle of liquid and shake. Also fits standard bicycle bottle cages.

BAD27: $7.00 (Ship Wt. .25 lbs.)

One-piece badminton racket grips with the feel of skin create an excellent sweat-resistant grip with high tact, cushioning and delicate sensitivity. Simply stretch the grip and slide it over the racket handle. Athletes who try this grip do not return to others. Comes in black only.

BAD28: Second Skin Over-Grip: Slides over existing grip. call (Ship Wt. .25 lbs.)
BAD29: Second Skin Grip Replacement: Replaces existing racket grip. call/each (Ship Wt. .25 lbs.)

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