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Martin Dew-Hattens is the founder of this list and writes:

I played badminton 101 times for England during the 80's. When I stopped I 
was irritated that I could not get results from the major events around the 
world. Living in England at that time was not the best of places to get 
coverage of badminton. 

I had access to the internet and inparticularly USENET and 
I wanted to find other people interested in Badminton and placed a message 
in that group. I got about 8 responses and since I was the internet 
administrator at MCDonnell Information Systems (MDIS) at that time, within 
a day I had a mailing list constructed called "".

The list slowly grew and upon leaving MDIS it stood at about 60. The list is now 
by Bo Holst-Christensen the brother of Jon Holst-Christensen (current Danish 
international) and can be reached by mailing to

My original idea was to be able to gain information about events around the world 
from local people who have the interest, and that national organisations could use 
the medium to reduce the vast amounts of paper that fly around the globe. It seems 
however that much of the administration of badminton is done by older (possibly retired) 
people who either have no interest in computing or who have no access to a computer.

It is inevitable that national badminton organisations will begin to use the information 
superhighway at some stage in the future but their reluctance to invest in technology to 
reduce paper and time still stagers me ! 

It now seems to me that and a WEB server have their place BUT 
that the one common factor in MOST peoples lan connections is e-mail. That is, most 
people have e-mail but not all can read news or telnet directly to a WEB server. I 
believe therefore that a mailing list for badminton has a valid place as the 

Up until now I pleased with the mailing list. It is unmoderated but there has been no 
cases of misuse or unpleasantness. I see regular results from major events and have 
used it with success as a tool for gaining information. The future success of this list 
depends on the members and to the degree that they give it support. If it withers and a WEB 
server is all that is left then many people will be left out since they cannot gain access 
to WEB servers in general. 

The moto must be "use it or loose it".

Martin Dew-Hattens 
SAS Data A/S 
Engvej 155 
Copenhagen S 
Phone: (+45) 32-325057 
Fax: (+45) 32-322356 

As of March 21. 1996 the mailing list has been moved to another server, and posting has been restricted to subscribers only. The new address is

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