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StanBischof_120x160.jpg (3349 bytes) I have been playing competitive badminton since 1979 and have been coaching Badminton since the early 80's. I coached Piner High's badminton team from 1993-2011. In 2013 I moved to Elsie Allen High, then in 2018 moved to RUP and in 2019 decided that my next challenge would be Healdsburg High. Starting in 2021 I added Montgomery High to my perview. I also have privately coached juniors since the early 80's. Aside from a brief foray or two into Yonex (Yoneyama wood, Blacken, Cab 10) I'm a lifelong Carlton user, starting from the 3.9, including pretty much every model such as the ceramics and the early high tensions, and these days using Rasmussen Airblade.


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