Origins of the Sport of Badminton

The history of the Sport of Badminton, showing its origins over the twenty years before the formation of the Badminton Association in 1893, has been researched using early issues of a Victorian weekly called 'The Field or The Gentleman's Magazine', plus some other contemporary publications.

Although this site does not fully answer the basic question of who invented the game when and where, it does show that a number of prevalent ideas and legends are doubtful or simply untrue.


Playing "Badmington" illustrated in Harpers Bazar, 9th May 1874


The following pages cover the first twenty years of Badminton's history in chronological order, but the viewer is of course welcome to peruse them in any order, using these links.

  1. First mention in The Field May 1873

  2. The Badminton Game of Battledore 1873     

  3. First letters from India 1873

  4. More letters from India 1873

  5. Comments on Indian letters 1873

  6. The American Connection 1874

  7. Badminton's missed chance 1875

  8. The 1876 Booklet

  9. Early tournaments and matches

  10. Club matches 1890

  11. More 1890 Club matches

  12. Formation of the Badminton Association 1893


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