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July 7, 1997 (NEW SHUTTLENWS) - Host country Indonesia nearly swept all the titles at the US$16,000 Bumiputera International badminton tournament that finished yesterday (July 6) at the Utama Senayan Stadium in Jakarta. Indonesian players won 9 of the ten event championships at stake in the combination open and junior tournament.

Only the men's singles crown in the under-18 division eluded the hosts as James Chua of Malaysia trounced Jimmy Pohan of the Pelita badminton club from Indonesia in the finals 15-7 and 15-6.

In the under-18 women's singles, Judith Meulendijks of the Netherlands gave a good account of European junior badminton, reaching the finals of her event. However, Chung Siang from the Indonesian Bimantara Tangkas club managed to defeat the Dutch girl in the championship match, 12-11 and 11-8.

Indonesian George Rimarcdi beat compatriot Agus Heryanto in the open men's singles finals in a tightly fought match. Heryanto had taken the first game 17-15 and had match points in the second which went to 14-all. Heryanto gambled and chose not to play a three-point setting with the match on the line. His gamble failed as he lost the second game 14-15.

Rimarcdi then went on to win the decider 15-13.

Other open division finals winners:

Men's Doubles - Halim and Davis (Indonesia) beat Hian Eng and Hermono (Indonesia) 15-6 and 15-5

Women's Singles - Ellen Angelina (Indonesia) beat Olivia Herjiono (Indonesia) 11-9 and 11-0

Women's Doubles - Angelina and Vita Marisa (Indonesia) beat Anita (Indonesia - Jaya Raya Badminton Club) and Eny Widowati (Indonesia - Bimantara Tangkas Badminton Club) 15-12 and 15-6

Mixed Doubles - Bambang Suprianto and Rosalina Riseu (Indonesia) beat Agung and Anastasia (Indonesia) 15-11 and 15-11.

Other junior division winners:

Men's Doubles - Luluk and Mohammed Nur (Indonesia - Djarum Badminton Club) beat Jeng Sung Kyun and Yang Chang Bong (Korea) 13-15, 15-2 and 15-13

Women's Doubles - Yenny Aryani and Rossi Raina (Indonesia - Jaya Raya Badminton Club) beat Diah Novita and Puspa Dewi (Indonesia - Jaya Raya Badminton Club) 12-15, 18-15, 18-14

Mixed Doubles - Hendry/Eny Erlangga (Indonesia - Pelita Badminton Club) beat Jeng Sung Kyun and Jun Wo Shih (Korea) 15-12 and 15-10