SRBC Policy

Santa Rosa Badminton Club (SRBC)exists as a recreational organization and as such expects a high standard of behavior by all members.

General Policy

Santa Rosa Badminton Club exists as a recreational organization and as such expects a high standard of behavior by all members.

SRBC is open equally to all Badminton players of any age and ability. Members are expected to share our limited court time in a manner that all players get appropriate court time. More experienced members are encouraged to work with new players in order to help improve the new players standard.

All players must exhibit consistent sportsmanship both on and off court. While Badminton can be a highly competitive and aggressive sport, it is still just a sport. Conflicts should be resolved peacefully and if needed, with the help of a neutral official such as a linesman. No form of violent behavior will be tolerated at any SRBC event.

Health and Safety

All members are responsible for their own safety and, as far as possible, the safety of others.


While concussions are rare in Badminton they are possible due to falls, collisions or other impacts. In the case of any suspected concussion they affected player will be removed from any play that day, will be observed and cautioned as appropriate, and will not be allowed to continue further play without written approval from a medical professional.


SRBC COVID precautions follow national, state and local recommendations. Since these change frequently, our precautions will be updated regularly.


We are open for limited size groups only. All players should mask up when not playing. A general reopening is planned for when local COVID new case rates decline to a similar point at which we shut down in March 2020.

 Sonoma County data is still nowhere near the desired level. The current plan is for general reopening only after we are in a "minimal" (yellow) ("1")status .
case rate

Abuse and Harassment


Juniors are our most vulnerable members and must be afforded special consideration.

All members must refrain from any sort of physical or mental abuse of juniors and must also protect juniors from abuse by others. Abuse here includes but is not limited to stalking, bullying, hazing, harassment, and any form of sexual misconduct.


As with any situation involving different levels of authority, trainers must act in a professional manner and must not take advantage of their students in any way.

Safesport or equivalent certification is required for all trainers. This includes anyone who provides or assists in training.


Any member who knowingly violates SRBC policies is subject to penalties including warnings for minor incidents up through expulsion from any or all SRBC activities. In the event of expulsions, any fees paid will be forfeited. In adherence to California's Mandated Reporter laws,  Abuse or Harassment involving juniors will be reported to authorities and if substantiated the transgressor will be permanently banned from SRBC.

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