South San Francisco Recreation Department presents the

2001 Northern California Junior Open

April 7-8 2001 South San Francisco High - 400 B Street, South San Francisco, CA.

Events: Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles, all flights.

Flights: Under 13, Under 15, Under 17, Under 19. All ages are determined by your age as of December 31, 2001. The under 13 flight may be split into additional flights if there is a large enough draw.

Format: All events will consist of a single-elimination format with a consolation round, except where modified due to the size of the draw. IBF rules will be enforced for all matches. Winners of each match must turn in score sheets to the tournament desk, then return to keep score for the next match on that court.

Entries: $12 for one event, $20 for 2 events, $26 for three events. All fees payable to Santa Rosa Badminton Club, 1894 Bennett Meadows Lane, Santa Rosa CA 95405.

Deadline: Please submit entries by WEDNESDAY MARCH 28, 2001.  ONE FREE SHUTTLE for all players whose fees and entries are received on time.

Draw: Will be held Sunday April 1.

Times: Starting times will be posted at   and will be emailed to anyone who submits their email address. Nominal starting times will be 9:00 AM Saturday for singles, 2PM Saturday for mixed and 9AM Sunday for doubles. A Default time of 15 minutes will be enforced for all matches. On-court warm-ups are limited to 5 minutes.

Directors: Stan Bischof ( - phone: 707 542-0148) and Dan Leong (

Prizes: will be awarded for first and second place as well as for consolation wins. This may be modified depending upon the size of the draw. Winners will be recognized by Perpetual Trophies.

Shuttles: The official shuttle for this tournament will be available at the tournament desk. Other shuttles allowed  if both players agree.

Accounting Services: by Fiscal Services, Santa Rosa, CA.

Details: Draw and results will be posted to










ENTRY FORM - 2001 Northern California Junior Open

DEADLINE: All entries DUE WEDNESDAY MARCH 28, 2001 and should be accompanied by payment.

EMAIL or FAX entries are welcome (send to FAX: 707 542-6803) but you must also send in entry fees separately.

City: State: Zip
email: Phone: Birthdate:
School and/or home club: USAB Membership Number (if member):

Please indicate previous tournament experience that may help with ranking:



U13 U15 U17 U19

Print Partner's Name (or "need")











*Uxx means that you will be UNDER xx years of age as of the END of the year 2001. 

ENTRY FEES: $12 for one event, $20 for two events, $26 for three events.

Mail entries to, and make all fees payable to: Santa Rosa Badminton Club, 1894 Bennett Meadows Lane, Santa Rosa CA 95405. FAX: 707 542-6803.


I understand that my son/daughter's participation in the 2001 Northern California Junior Open exposes them to strenuous sport that can cause injuries. Such participation is solely at my own risk and I hold harmless the South San Francisco Recreation Department, South San Francisco High School, the USAB, tournament directors and all others who are helping to sponsor and run this tournament for any injuries that may arise as a result of this participation. I have read this agreement, understand it's purpose and agree to it's terms: