Wine Country Games 2014- Badminton Schedule

Times are of necessity approximate only. Each event is played to completion and there is some extra time between events so that the schedule isn't too tight.

Start Time Match Number
8:00 Gym Opens                
9:00 MS1 MS2 MS3 MS4   WS2 WS3       
9:30 MS5 MS6 MS7 MS8 WS5 WS6    
10:00 MS9 MS10     WS9 WS10    
10:40 Singles Finals MS11 MS12 MS13 WS11 WS12 WS13
11:40 MD1 MD2 MD3          
12:10 MD5 MD6 MD7   WD1      
12:40 MD9 MD10     WD2      
1:20 Doubles Finals MD11 MD12 MD13   WD3      
2:20 XD1 XD2 XD3 XD4        
2:50 XD5 XD6 XD7 XD8        
3:20 XD9 XD10            
4:00 Mixed Finals XD11 XD12 XD13          

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