Wine Country Games 2018


Carolyn Bischof ran the tournament and handed out medals. This is Carolyn addressing our Mens Singles players (L-R Marvin Richardson, Randy Hong, Stan Hales, and Michael Katten.

Adding in the ladies (L-R Marlene Meuleners, Laurie Savage, and Choi Richardson) here is the Singles field.


Everyone competed in Doubles or Mixed Doubles this year this year. Our doubles players below are (L-R) Stephen Seager, Randy Hong, Stan Hales, Chris Elliot, Marvin Richardson, Stan Bischof, Michael Katten, Scott Ding, Laurie Savage, Jackie Joe, Marlene Meuleners, and Leah Qui.

Mixed Doubles

Pictured L-R are Laurie Savage, Stan Bischof, Marlene Meuleners, Michael Katten, Chris Elliot, Jackie Joe, Marvin Richardson, Choi Richardson, Ed Wong, Amy Wong, Leah Qui, Scott Ding.


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