T.I.BAD Of Paris Sud Orsay University

		             Dear friends,

		We are pleased to invite you to the 9th T.I.BAD
		         Of Paris Sud Orsay University

	This University contest will be held on Easter weekend ,from march
28th to 31st 1997 .It will be supported by the French National University
Sport Federation (FNSU). Any student from your college, university, school
or institute may join the competition.

Here are some informations regarding the tournament :

          Players of class A, B, C, D will compete in the tournament :
                      A = best national players .
                      B = national and best regional players.
                      C = regional players .
                      D = beginners and occasional players.

A single player can enrol on a maximum of two boards out of these:single,
double, mixed double .We aim to organize a pleasant tournament for all.
Therefor we will make up the double teams ourselves.Consequently, we
request players who would like to play on double boards to enlist without
a partner.


         Friday, march 28th    Evening 	     Reception
	                                Registration and welcome party 
         Saturday, march 29th  7:30		     Breakfast
                               8:30 - 18:00   tournament matches
			             Evening 	     dinner
         Sunday, march 30th    7:30		     Breakfast
                               8:30 - 20:00   tournament matches
                               Evening        buffet and dancing party
         Monday, march 31st    8:30           Breakfast
                               9:30 - 18:00   End of tournament matches
                                              and awards
                              18:00-20:00     Cold dinner
                              20:00           Departure of all participants 
						            (NO LODGING)


Participation fees are approximatly of 350FF per person.This modic price includes :
        - lodging during the tournament:
         (friday evening, saturday evening, sunday evening but not monday).
        - Three continental breakfast includind croissants .
        - drinks and candies during daytime.
        - all meals from saturday to monday night included .
        - access to the three night parties (friday, saturday, sunday).
        - many prices.

it doesn't includes: 
        - transportation fares .
        - Friday night meal and drink on sale during night parties.

N.B : Players are supposed to bring their own equipment including
shuttlecocks feathers for A, B, C class players and plastic for D class
players.We assume we'll have a racket repair workshop that will also sell

Application procedure:
     Any applicant team has to send us:
         -a players list(maximum 20 players).
         -name,address,phone and fax of a team manager.
         -a 100FF deposit per person .Payment by bank check to 
                         A.S.E.S.C.O  T.I.BAD .

N.B : We will send deposit back in case we could not register your team
because of an overherlning application number .

	be careful : places are limited so answer us as soon as possible.

	Address : A.S.E.S.C.O T.I.BAD
                faculté des sciences d'Orsay 
                bâtiment 225 
                91405 ORSAY CEDEX

	For more informations, contact :
      ASESCO            Tel   +
                        FAX   +
      MOULIN Béatrice   Tel   +
      PEDEAU Dominique  pedeau@lure.u-psud.fr

As submitted by PEDEAU Dominique ( pedeau@lure.u-psud.fr) Last updated: 20JAN97.