History of Badminton


Many individuals and groups have written histories of Badminton. Listed here are references to be informative and relative ad free.


Badminton Village

"Badminton" is a village in England associated with horse racing but also thought to be where the sport of Badminton started. The Badminton Village site includes a history of badminton in the 1800's.

Founding of the BAE and Codification of the Rules

During the earlier years of the sport, badminton was played under a variety of conditions- courts of different dimensions, shuttlecocks and rackets of many designs, even many different sets of rules defining the basic game. The pre-BAE years of 1873 thru 1893 have been researched by Dave Jacobs and posted on his web site (local copy is provided for convenience and reference).  This era ended in 1893 with the founding of the Badminton Association of England and the accompanying codification of the rules. This was accomplished largely thru the efforts of Colonel S.S.C. Dolby , A.P.D who had been playing badminton for more than 20 years and clearly understood the need to standardize the sport. Colonel Dolby's residence , "Dunbar" is recognized as the official birth place of the Badminton Association of England.

The below articles are from the centennial celebration of the founding of the BAE and were contributed by Rod Whiting, the present owner of "Dunbar". This material may NOT be copied without permission. [05FEB2000]

Notes from the centenary celebration , a History of the B.A.E. and of badminton in general up to 1993.

Announcement from the Badminton Association of England

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Scanned Newspaper article

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Miscellaneous Pictures from the Celebration

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Evolution of the Rules


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