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Research, Articles, Histories and other references relevant to Badminton.

Facility Design



Serious research has been done by various groups over the years. A common and very difficult topic is flight characteristics of shuttlecocks. A sampling of research is included here- much more can be found elsewhere.


Engineering for Badminton

Some serious engineering work is required for badminton. This is especially true for rackets which have evolved greatly over the years and which have very demanding requirements.


There have been many patents related to shuttlecock design. Not surprisingly most relate to synthetic shuttles. Below is a small sampling of interesting patents, primarily filed with US Patent Office. There are many more available from patent offices around the world. Note that many of these ideas were never commercially successful and that many of these were also patented in multiple countries.

William Charles Carlton pioneered much of the development of modern rackets and synthetic shuttlecocks. Here are some of his inventions through the years.


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