Santa Rosa Badminton

Badminton in the greater Santa Rosa, CA area

Santa Rosa Badminton Club

Santa Rosa Badminton Club was founded in the early 80's by a group of players who tired of traveling long distances to play. Various venues have been supported over the years, but SRBC remains one of only a few Badminton groups in California north of San Francisco.

High School Badminton near Santa Rosa

For High School age players there are many opportunities as most of the area schools offer Badminton along with the usual retinue of school sports. Play is organized by the NBL league with 10 schools total and the VVAL League with 5 schools. The statewide organization (CIF) has a section (NCS) that includes all of the Santa Rosa area, as well as much of the East Bay and Sonoma/Napa areas. Year-round training for all players including juniors is available from Santa Rosa Badminton Club.

Where to find Badminton a little further away

About an hour to the east there's a group in Napa that plays. Several hours to the north there is regular play in Mendocino. Going south the outlook is excellent, as there are 100+ dedicated Badminton courts in the SF Bay Area, with most being between 1 and 2 hours away. As for supplies, SRBC offers stringing service and maintains a supply of shuttles, but otherwise nothing is available north of San Francisco.

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