Wine Country Games - 2018

Sonoma County hosts the Wine Country Games. Starting in 2014, Badminton is included in these games. While Badminton is detailed here, see the official site ( for signups and details as well as for the many other sports available. For those interested in other senior badminton tournaments, you may want to check out the National Senior Games and the Huntsman World Senior Games .

2018 Badminton

This year Badminton is held at the Boys and Girls Club in Santa Rosa and all events are played on Saturday June 9. There is no charge for parking at the club. If anyone would like additional court time, the club is open until 10PM on both Saturday and Sunday.
For those who would like there is also open play with the Santa Rosa Badminton Club multiple times per week. This would be good chance for new partners to get some court time together.

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