Current international information from agroup of dedicated badminton enthusiasts with great connections.


What is shuttlenws?

direct from d.shuttlenws:
1. D. Shuttlenws is the nom d'plume for three badminton fanatics
who were and still are frustrated at the paucity of badminton
news coverage in North America.

2. Where do we get the news? One of us is connected with a news
organization, albeit not in the editorial/journalistic side, and
has access to wire service reports which we then combine and
rewrite due to copyright reasons.

Also, we are acquainted with some players and officials who pass
results on to us. Lastly, we  attend the big events when we can,
e.g. world championships, All-England, etc.

For instance, the Taipei Open results were written from a combination
of the above. The singles results were based on several wire service
items, while the doubles results were relayed in from Tokyo by a
player thru a mutual acquaintance.

This information is as provided by d.shuttlenws@genie.com. Please attribute any copies of this information to it's authors.